The Best Eggnog in Seattle

Food — By Michelle Schusterman on December 24, 2010 at 4:31 am

It’s sweet, it’s thick, it’s loaded with cholesterol goodness – yes, it’s the season for eggnog. And if you’re the type that settles for nothing less than the best, it’s time for a trip to Capitol Hill.

Because the Hill is the home to Sun Liquor, one of the neighborhood’s – nay, the city’s – most popular bars. This is the kind of place that uses a juicer and this stuff called “fruit” to produce real, actual juice for your cocktails. And the price is still around $5 during happy hour.

But when the weather outside is frightful, you aren’t looking for juice. Sun Liquor has an eggnog made with rum, Bulleit bourbon and Hennessy cognac, that’s made when we’re trying to get rid of the last Halloween candy and ages in the fridge while we pig out on turkey and succumb to Black Friday madness.

Here’s the rub: It’s only available on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. And for just $5, you can bet the place will be packed. But if the description is any indication, this eggnog will be worth the wait.

[image credit: Markyboy81]