Seattle Hot Sauce Canning Class

Food — By Michelle Schusterman on February 24, 2011 at 8:55 pm

Recently, I took advantage of my first-ever Groupon (yes! first!) and attended a hot sauce canning class at Goods for the Planet in South Lake Union. As a New Orleans native and general spicy food enthusiast, hot sauce is like an art to me, and a mystery. Like jelly and jam (which you can also learn how to make at the Seattle Can Can), hot sauce is something I’ve never even considered making for myself. It must be complicated, I thought.

Not so, as our teacher showed us in under an hour. Step one: Pick your peppers. We went with orange peppers and habaneros. Chop ’em up, then add a bit of water and heat until soft.

Blend, then strain to extract the pulp.

Heat the liquid up again, add the vinegar, then pour into bottles. The bottles go into a pot of boiling water, up to the necks so that the caps aren’t submerged.

And then the fun part – creating a label. I went with “Liquid Kick-Azz.”

Each student also received an awesome little guide to choosing a pepper with the right amount of heat, as well as several recipes for different hot sauces. This class really motivated me to start experimenting with hot sauce at home – because let me tell you, I make a pretty mean Kick-Azz.

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