Seattle’s Best Sandwiches

Food, Kid Friendly, Nightlife — By Tara Flores on September 17, 2011 at 2:58 am

Ask a Seattleite where to go for a sandwich and most will come up with some or all of the following places:

Photo courtesy of Jennifer C./Yelp

Cuban Roast
Consuming a sandwich from this Caribbean hot spot is often described as a religious experience resulting in obsession. Their most popular is the Cuban; a heavenly combo of slow roasted marinaded pork shoulder, aioli, caramelized onions, romaine lettuce, pickled jalapenos, and fresh cilantro on a lightly toasted baguette. If that doesn’t blow your mind, try the spicy Sauteed Prawn sandwich. FYI: Sadly, both locations in Ballard and Fremont are closed on Sunday and Mondays.

Other Coast Cafe
Rajun Cajun
The popular sandwich is comprised of cajun-style turkey, Pepper Jack cheese, tomato, and onion with spicy salsa mayo and is served hot. I personally go for the custom-built approach because the ingredient options are so fantastic: everything from Soy Mozzarella, Smoked Gruyere, Pesto, Oregano and Beer n’ Bacon BBQ, not to mention the Homemade Meatballs…

Armandino’s Salumi
Pork Cheek Sandwich, among others.
This family operation has some serious history in Seattle and has garnered substantial love from the culinary scene. Located downtown, there is often a line right out the door around lunchtime but anyone will tell you it’s well worth the wait. But arrive anytime Saturday to Monday and you’ll be waiting awhile as their restaurant is only open Tuesday through Friday, 11am to 4pm. Pork Cheek seems to be most popular but really, you can’t make a bad decision.

The Honey Hole
The Gooch
This Capitol Hill spot supports local food products AND the late night dining needs of the Seattle public. A standout on the menu, The Gooch, combines tri-tip beef, red onions, Tillamook cheddar cheese, horseradish mayo, and a side of au jus all on a demi baguette. Plus with 5 vegetarian sandwich options (and a beer and wine list), everyone’s happy at the Honey Hole.

Tat’s Deli
Cheesesteak/ Tat’strami
Legendary cheesesteaks from a couple of East Coast boys looking to bring some authenticity to the sandwich game in Seattle. I could describe the sandwich, but all I really need to say is that transplants from Philly love this place. The owners pride themselves on using superior ingredients, right down to the bread it’s all sitting on, and it shows. Their pastrami is also a crowd favorite.

Kiss Cafe
Thanksgiving Hangover
First of all, the owners of this place are amazing. It’s a kid-friendly and dog-friendly spot with coffee, tons of fresh and healthy choices of sandwiches (both hot and cold), wraps, salads and many rotating bottled and canned beers to try. Everyone I talk to agrees with me that the Thanksgiving Hangover, made with turkey, cream cheese, cranberry sauce, and sprouts on toasted sourdough is always good, but there are so many choices here- why pick just one?

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