Shanghai Cuisine: Experience the Diversity of Chinese Food

Food, Travel Tips — By Lauren Johnson on March 26, 2010 at 8:20 pm

So you don’t know anything about Chinese food, eh? Fear not, almost all menus in China come with pictures. If you’d rather not point at what you want to eat while in Shanghai, then visit these Chinese restaurants below to experience a broad range of Chinese cuisine, and order like a local.

Dongbei Ren is a fantastic restaurant if you are visiting Shanghai with a group. Featuring Northern Chinese cuisine, this restaurant is famous for its service, décor, and sticky buns. It is said that southerners eat rice, northerners eat wheat—you’ll find that to be true of Dongbei Ren’s cuisine. The staff are delightfully decked out in traditional northern attire and pigtails, and the restaurant features stark bare wooden walls and a few key pieces of revolutionary art. It’s a dining experience not to be missed! You’ll want to order the beer, as the waitress will pop open the bottles with chopsticks for quite a fun side show.

Di Shui Dong is another very popular restaurant among locals and visiting businessmen. The cuisine holds its own sort of nation-wide fame as one of the best Hunan restaurants in China. From Chariman Mao’s home province, this low-key place serves classic meals at very affordable prices, including great seafood. You’ll need to be prepared to deal with the spice, as this is also the hottest food in China! Try ordering the Chinese way, which is one meat dish and two vegetable dishes and rice. It is customary for men to order beer and women to order juice.

Dim Sum

Crystal Jade Restaurant is a very popular Cantonese chain that does xiaolongbao perfectly. You’ll also enjoy their egg rolls and dim sum. This place is very popular among visiting businessmen from Japan and Korea, as well as wealthier locals and expats. A little food hint, the waitress will bring your rice out to you after you have started eating your other dishes, this is to signify that you are wealthy, and do not need rice as sustenance. Don’t ask where your missing rice is, as it will signify to the waitress that you find the food before you lacking.

Din Tai Fung is a great little Taiwanese place famous for xiaolongbao. They recently opened a new establishment in New York, which testifies to their skill at perfecting the xiaolongbao recipe, and exporting it internationally.You’ll obviously want to order the xiaolongbao, but take a gander our their wonderful vegetable side dishes, especially popular is the qingcai.

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