How to visit Shanghai’s Pudong District

Things to Do — By Lauren Johnson on April 3, 2010 at 9:43 pm

If you are interested in visiting modern Shanghai, look no further than the business and finance district of Pudong to really experience all the area has to offer you’ll need some inside information from a local expert. Having worked in Pudong for the past year in the famous JinMao Tower, once the tallest structure in China, I’m happy to impart my tidbits of insider information to those of you hoping to suck the marrow out of your visit to Shanghai. There are five main things you’ll want to see and do in Pudong, as follows.

One of the coolest things in Shanghai is the Maglev, which is a super-fast train that goes from Pudong to the airport. While this may not strike many as a fun activity, the train travels at 500kph and is the fastest on the planet! If you plan ahead well, you could even make this your first activity in the city on your way from the airport.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is an icon so well known around the world it has become the symbol of Shanghai. To really get the most out of your visit to this modern marvel you’ll want to take the psychedelic tunnel from Puxi, which ends at the base of the TV tower. Walk across the long green lawn (the largest in the city) and head for the well marked entrance. Once inside you’ll be able to visit the museum as well as take the elevator to the panoramic viewing room. For additional fun you could spend a pretty kuai on lodging here for the night, or on a fancy dinner overlooking the river.

A stroll along the Pudong Bund will offer a stark contrast to the view from Puxi, you’ll enjoy the dichotomy as you amble along the short boardwalk on your way to the next attraction.


After the Oriental Pearl TV tower, you’ll have a great idea of how large Pudong really is since you just looked at it from on high, and your stroll along the Pudong Bund will have your appetite worked up for your next stop. Head east towards JinMao Tower—today is not the day for acrophobics! JinMao Tower used to be Shanghai’s tallest building, and while the Shanghai World Financial Center now takes that place, JinMao remains the favorite. The observation deck is cool, but every local knows that a smart choice would be to skip on the admission fee to the 89th floor and head to the Sky Lounge on the 88th floor where you could spend the same amount on a martini or snack and have a comfy chair to view the city from. Great deals on drinks make this a better way to relax while enjoying the view.

The famous Nanpu Bridge is the city’s most icon bridge, and a taxi ride across it explains the hype. When you finish your tour of Pudong exit the area by using the Nanpu bridge, any taxi driver will smile at the request, as it’s even fun for the driver. The top of the bridge offers stellar views of the city at night while the wrap around road designed to save space on both sides is a fun reminder of how many people are in the city.

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