Top Five Romantic Places to Eat in Shanghai

Five Star, Food, Romantic — By Lauren Johnson on April 15, 2010 at 9:00 am

Many people don’t think of Shanghai as a romantic destination, but with some of the best dining options in Asia, you’d be surprised how romantic this epic city can be. Shanghai has long walks along the Bund, or in the city’s many green parks. It also has a plethora of romantic eateries, desert shops, bars and shopping. For a romantic evening in Asia, there are few cities that can surpass Shanghai. For the most romantic places to eat, read on!

1.)  Laris is an amazingly romantic establishment with a world-renown chef, an entire room dedicated to chocolate, a view of the Hunagpu River along the famous Bund walkway, and modern romantic decor that is both cozy and elegant. Thursday night has a martini drink special that lures the city’s bachelors and bachelorettes, while the weekend brunch with chocolate room desert treats makes it a great place to take your date after a lovely night out.

2.) Whisk is a chocolate-lover’s dream. And what woman doesn’t love chocolate? Win some big points by taking your lady to an evening at Whisk where nearly everything on the menu has chocolate in it. Women literally salivate at the thought. The aroma at Whisk is as amazing as the decor, which features brightly colored fish tanks with beige backgrounds. You literally cannot go wrong by bringing your loved one to Whisk.

3.) Despite the non-romantic name, Dollar Shop is a surprisingly passionate and bold choice for a great date. With individual hot pot set on fine dining, this place ads a bit of spice to your evening– and crystal chandeliers overhead gives the place a final romantic feel that cannot be missed. Located in the mall, you’ll also have a chance to continue the evening with your date by window shopping or picking up a desert on the way out the building.

4.) If you love Indian food, then Hazara will blow you away. With low lighting, rugged imported hard wood tables, fine linen and beautifully clad servers, this place elevates you beyond Shanghai. Its so romantic that even the wait staff will bat an eye at  you.

5.) Simply Thai is a charming and low-key place for any date where you’d rather hear your lover’s words than yell over a loud crowd or blaring music. The decor, shrouded in plants and Thai artifacts, makes it the ideal place for a first date, or a big anniversary night out.

Hopefully these top five romantic eateries has whetted your appetite for romantic cuisine. Now, get out there and try out these lovely places– and don’t skip dessert.

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