The Best 5 Beds in Shanghai

Five Star, Hotels, Romantic — By Lauren Johnson on April 17, 2010 at 9:00 am

1.) For one of the best views in Shanghai, check into the JW Marriott at Tomorrow Square. You’ll be able to see most of Puxi from the towers of the Marriott– and you’ll do so in style at one of their various bars, or at the top floor viewing area. Meanwhile, like most Marriotts, luxury is the goal. Your room will help you feel like a king while traveling abroad.

2.) While the view is not as startling, nor the surrounding area as intense, you’ll find it a bit quieter in the Regent’s downtown sky scraper. This hotel boasts an impressive three full restaurants, an indoor pool with a glass ceiling (though if you are staying at the Regent, you’ve surpasses the metaphorical glass ceiling) as well as plasma TVs and internet in every room. Tourists stay at the fancy hotels with great views, businessmen and travel elites stay at the Regent.

3.) A bit less swanky, but all the more charming for that is the Four Seasons Hotel, which is located in Puxi and offers glimpses of the Huangpu River. The Four Seasons is known in Shanghai as the ‘Wedding Hotel’ because bookings are needed a year in advance to hold a function there, and the luxurious and large banquet halls are perfect for Chinese weddings. The decor is beautiful, albeit over the top, and the rooms are plush and lacking in nothing.

4.) There are few places on the planet that can transport you back to a different time simply with the atmosphere and surrounding architecture and natural landmarks. The Bund, along the Huangpu River, is one such place. And The Westin Hotel on the Bund is a masterpiece, paying homage to times past while perfecting it with modern amenities. Within walking distance you’ll find Nanjing Road, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Subway entrances, Yu Gardens, the Bund, the psychedelic tunnel, and much more.

5.) Of course the Ritz is always an option. You’d literally fall in love with the Shanghai Portman Ritz-Carlton, located on Nanjing road West, it is right in the heart of new Shanghai and within walking distance of the Jade Buddha Temple. Some of Shanghai’s best restaurants are located nearby, and if all else fails the Ritz has several in-house eateries, bars and even a Starbucks. Many expats and locals use the Ritz’ snazzy lobby as a meeting place, and you’ll find folks from around the globe relaxing in the bars of the Ritz.

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  • Zanni says:

    Don’t travel to Shanghai with 5 men…they want budget over comfort in their hotel choices. These are much better options than sleeping on beds akin to concrete slabs in most local hotels. Also there’s probably no pesky 3 am calls asking if you want a “massagie” (never got one but I’m pretty sure they finish with a happy ending).


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