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Five Star, What's New — By Lauren Johnson on April 29, 2010 at 4:38 pm

Shanghai is an amazing city on any budget, but for those fortunate enough to be well endowed in the financial department there are many doors that will open to you:

For fine dining, only the best for those with stuffed wallets. You’ll find Jean-George to be one of the best dining experiences money can buy east of Paris. Quite obviously writers such as myself cannot afford to partake in the exquisite dishes and fine wine on the menu at Jean-George, but security was not fast enough to catch be as I dashed past and grabbed a peak at the decor and menu. The center of the room holds a wine cellar full of fine, unpronounceable wines. The smartly dressed service personnel speak English, as well as some with German and French skills. With a great view of the Bund from the 4th floor of 3 on the Bund, you’ll literally be able to look down on the city’s peons while you devour escargot and sip your Chateau de Y’quem.

For the finest place to rest your head at night, head for the tall, beautiful Jin Mao Tower in Pudong. This pinnacle of engineering and design holds the Grand Hyatt Shanghai. While you have to look and act the part to get into Jean-George, they let any ol’ rabble into the lobby of the Grand Hyatt– that’s because it holds an amazing upward view of the interior of the tower. You’ll have to be loaded to purchase the drinks served on silver trays, or deserve a stuffed, plush leather chair by the fireplace while I watch in envy from the doorway in my jeans and backpack, scribbling on a notepad. Nevertheless, the rooms (I hear) offer an amazing, unparalleled view of Puxi, the Huangpu River, and of course you’ll have access to the Hyatt’s many bars and restaurants. While the Portman Ritz Carlton on Nanjing Road is a great backup, the views alone from the Hyatt make this the best hotel in the city.

And where will you go to celebrate your wealth? How about the finest bars in Shanghai? Glamour Bar, conveniently nestled in the same building as Jean-George, offers comfortable seating overlooking the Bund, great martinis and the bartender really knows his stuff on any drink you can think of. The establishment often does miniature events like political party rallies and hosting the literary festival. If this isn’t your bag, then check out Laris right down the street. It offers a cozy, upscale martini room, a chocolate room with a fountain of deliciousness, and all-marble decor that gives it a very high class feel. From here you’ll also have a great view of the Bund’s lights at night.

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