Where to Woo in Shanghai – A Guide to the Dating Scene

Romantic — By Lauren Johnson on December 6, 2010 at 8:36 am

Oh, to be in love in the Pearl of the Orient! It is such an easy place to find your heart in wonderful ache and be swept off your feet. From exotic and romantic cuisines to low-lighting and soft music in romantic cafes and bars, Shanghai has a special touch of romance that makes it one of China’s most heart-warming cities, guaranteed to make your loved one swoon.

To start off any date, set yourself apart by skipping the main course and going right to desert first. This lets your lady know you understand her insane and unnatural affection for chocolate. The number one most romantic place for this smooth move?—Whisk. Here you’ll find soft lighting and music, comfortable seating, a nice wine and drinks list as well as what your lady really craves—alone time with you and chocolate cakes and deserts. You’ll score major points by starting your date off with desert first.

If you choose the traditional route, never fear, there are romantic dining options galore in Shanghai. A special treat would be a trip to a cozy cove at Face, a Thai restaurant that is not only the most romantic spot I can think of in Shanghai, but possible the best Thai food as well. Soft lighting, calming music, a wonderful selection on the menu and drink list and expertly trained staff make this a must-visit stop on a romantic night. The atmosphere is so relaxing and beautiful that your date will think she has walked into a dream. And that’s not hyperbole!

Considering a romantic stroll along the Bund?—don’t! Not only is that a bit cliché, but its overly crowded, sometimes smelly and hints at trying too hard. Instead, wow her with your local knowledge and stroll around Taikang Road instead. This restored hutong area offers small shops with handmade goods, ice-cream vendors and a few bars should you wish to get a late drink. The hanging lights and maze-like alleyways make sure the night slows down with charm and fascination, and continues the dream-like mood you created by taking her to Face. Now you’ve scored a home run on the date scale: chocolate, romantic dreamy dinner and after dinner wonderland stroll. You rock!

Should things progress even further, there is only one spot you should end up on a romantic evening—the Shanghai Grand Hyatt. This hotel has a panoramic view of the city from on high and sits beautiful halfway up the world-famous JinMao Tower. This view is so sought after that the Hyatt bought out most of the structure for its illustrious guests. She’ll love it, and so will you!

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