Missing Wildlife? Where to See Animals in Shanghai

Kid Friendly — By Lauren Johnson on December 13, 2010 at 9:23 am

China’s largest city has made room for animals! Don’t fear, just because you are surrounded by people doesn’t mean there are not refuges for animals throughout the city. Here we explain when, where and how to see wildlife and captive animals and sea life in Shanghai! These kid-friendly trips are informative, fun and a treat for adults as well.

The Shanghai Zoo has undergone renovations to make it one of the more impressive animal captivity zoos in China. The zoo is massive, which means you should plan a whole day here. More a park, at times, then a zoo, get ready for a lot of walking. The distance between exhibits is sometimes long and you’ll find you enjoy the nature and trees as much as viewing the animals, which are almost hidden in the plant life.

The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is a beautiful display of underwater life, including sharks, coral reef, fish and various other ocean creatures and wonders. This aquarium is famous for its layout  by regional zone, showing the water wildlife native to each area of the world from the Yangzi River to the Nile to the Oceans and the Amazon, the layout means visitors learn a great deal while enjoying the beauty of the aquarium and its 300+ species.

The Bird and Flower Market is something worth seeing, especially for avid photographers. Here you’ll find many types of animals in tiny cages or, in the case of birds, tied to sticks and flying around above your head. You can also find lucky crickets for sale, rabbits, flowers, fish, plants and insects. If you don’t want to spend a whole day at the zoo or aquarium this is one fun alternative. Be prepared to be a bit shocked at how small some of the cages are, especially those holding ‘normal’ pets like cats and dogs.

Explore Beijing’s Wildlife, too!

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