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What's New — By Lauren Johnson on January 2, 2011 at 6:00 am

Visiting Shanghai in winter isn’t the drag you might imagine. Its actually a beautiful and charming time to visit the Pearl of the Orient. The streets aren’t swarmed with people, tourists and locals milling about visiting the highlights, shopping and dining at Shanghais’ finest restaurants. Its less crowded in winter, and that means you own the city!

The smells of normal Shanghai are dwarfed in winter. The normal heat of Shanghai causes smells to rise and linger while in winter you can enjoy the city aroma free. If that isn’t a bonus, I don’t know what is! In addition to the smells, in winter its easier to get a cab, easier to be in the subway underground without sweltering heat. In short, Shanghai is one of the best cities to visit in winter!

Visit the Bund in winter, and you’ll how Shanghai can be enjoyed without crowds. The Bund is normally packed with people swarming to get great views of the river, with hawkers shoving trinkets around and yelling about cheaper prices. In winter you can enjoy the view in relative peace and quiet. In a city as big as Shanghai, that is saying a lot!

Renmin Park is another beautiful place to visit in Winter. You’ll find the normal matchmaker groups meeting in the center of the park. You’ll find ample places to sit to snack on items you’ve purchased on Nanjing Road nearby. Even Nanjing Road is less crowded and the ‘fake purse! DVD!’ salesmen are out in fewer numbers. You can pass from the Bund directly to Renmin Park along Nanjing Road in relative ease. In China’s largest city that’s an amazing feat.

There are many benefits to visiting Shanghai in winter. Fewer smells, fewer crowds, fewer hawkers and crisp, clean and clear pictures of Shanghai’s hottest tourist spots.

~ Beijing is beautiful in winter time, too!

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