Shanghai’s Six Swankiest Saloons

Nightlife — By Lauren Johnson on February 7, 2011 at 6:00 am

Shanghai is a swanky city. With movie stars, fashion icons, big business gurus and government big wigs all descending on the Pearl of the Orient, its no wonder the bars have gone from small drinking shanties along the Bund to the magnificent 5-star establishments that now overlook the river.

  1. With a world renowned Chef and obviously passionate interior decorator, its no wonder Laris tops the list of swankiest saloons in Shanghai. Here you’ll find Shanghai’s hippest crowd gathering to drink martinis, dip strawberries into the chocolate fountain and generally regale each other with their own heroic stories of power, fashion and fame. (image top right of Laris)
  2. Nearby, you’ll find the impeccable Glamor Bar to be of the utmost swank. The Literary festival is held here annually, as are important political events and other high brow entertainment. You’ll find first class dining and drinking available to the city’s elite as well as rich, plush seating and delicately obvious decor. Its no wonder Glamor Bar comes in second on the swank list, with all that class, its hard to imagine where they put the garage!
  3. To really up the ante, head to Bar Rouge, where you’ll rub elbows with some of the most important people in the city. They will have no problem telling you all about their importance as they sniff brandy out of snifters and nod approvingly along with the mellow music. With plush red decor that makes you feel like you are in a scene of Eyes Wide Shut, this establishment is definitely singing to the choir.
  4. For upscale goodness without the turned up noses, head to Face, where you’ll encounter a rustic upscale dining experience with the opportunity to drink like a f-star regular. Delicate Thai food and decor make this an exotic swankiness that, once visited, becomes obvious as our number four on Shanghai’s swankiest saloons list. (image bottom right, Face bar).
  5. The Sky Lounge is located above the Grand Hyatt Shanghai, so its swank is obvious the moment you step off the golden elevator (literally). From the Sky Lounge you can see a panorama of the city below, including the best view of the Huangpu River. Martinis are the specialty and the little snack jars do much to tide you over while you enjoy the view and drinks.
  6. To finish off the list of Shanghai’s six swankiest saloons we’re putting Mesa & Manifesto at number six. The chic and modern decor balances almost perfectly with the view of the river, the well thought out menu and the idea balance between the restaurant (mesa) and the lounge (manifesto). Swank to the core, and pretentious to boot, this is definitely one of Shanghai’s thought stoppers.

So, get out there in your finest clothing and best jewelry and join the ranks of the swanks in Shanghai!

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