Valentine’s Day in Shanghai

Romantic — By Lauren Johnson on February 14, 2011 at 6:00 am

Romance is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is upon us. For men, this is a day when you wake up with your heart pounding as you suddenly realize you’ve procrastinated far too much. Don’t worry, just read on and you’ll have your entire romantic day outlined below. Did we just save your relationship?– You’re welcome! For women, this is an important day where they see how far their lover will go to make them smile. Hopefully no one goes to bed tonight in Shanghai unfulfilled. Men, follows these simple suggestions and your Valentine will smile the whole day through.

You’ll first want to consider a simple gift. No, your lady doesn’t need diamonds and gold to know you care. A simple card, chocolates or even a hand drawn note is all she needs to make her heart flutter and her knees weak. To get the gear you need for the gift, head to Yu Gardens, where you’ll find red paper, hearts galore and balloons. The imported foods stores like City Shop will have the chocolate you need, and possible even the flowers. Make sure you have the whole collection: flowers, card, chocolate, balloons, red paper. Now, cut little hearts out of the paper to show you spend time on your lady, even doing silly things like making little red hearts. She’ll love it. Sprinkle them around the apartment, position the flowers and chocolates and write your sweet thoughts in the card. You’re already going down in her book as a champ with these steps done. On to dinner!

When the time comes, you’ll need to have a plan. Don’t leave it up to chance, check out the Top Romantic Restaurants in Shanghai for Valentine’s Day, where you’ll find helpful information to get you started on planning your dining for the evening.

Now, on to the all important after dinner drink. You can’t head right home– you have to make the night special by continuing on to one of the most romantic bars in town. The after dinner drink shows you want to listen to your lover, spend time with her and genuinely care about what she has to say. On Valentine’s Day, this is the best gift you can give. Come up with a list of questions to ask about her life, dig deep and ask about things like her pets back home, her family, job, hobbies and even her dreams for the future. Make the night about her, you’ll cherish her smiles as she feels your love.

But where to go for this all important drink? How about Face, one of the most exotic and stunning restaurant/bars in the city. Make a reservation for the after dinner hour, she’ll love noticing you planned ahead and this way you’ll be assured a spot.

A second romantic choice would be Enoteca, where a bottle of wine shared between the two of you would be a romantic conclusion to the night’s festivities. The mood is always light and romantic and the seating comfortable and fancy. Your lover will love the atmosphere and its the perfect place to end the evening.

For bonus points, a midnight stroll along the Bund is as sweet and memorable as a stroll along the beach!

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