Pudong: The Rising Star of Modern China

What's New — By Lauren Johnson on April 7, 2011 at 6:00 am

Pudong/Lujiazui is an amazing, quickly-growing, business and finance center in Shanghai. It occupies the land on the East side of the Huangpu River, a river which now cuts Shanghai effectively in half. The Eastern side represents all that is modern, and is home to high rises, sky scrapers, large modern boulavards, the Science Museum, and the modern works of architectural art and transportation, like the fastest train in the world, the Maglev.

If you had to pick the densest area of growth and modernization on the planet, Pudong District might top the charts. There are restaurants, bars, clubs and entertainment from around the world in this district, the hottest hotels and best views of the city bring more and more wealth into this area each year. Similar to Canary Warf in London, or Manhattan in the USA, this area is the top of the line in real estate and location investment.

The view is what makes Shanghai famous. From the Bund, which is on the west bank of the river, people have had iconic pictures taken with Pudong as the background for years, as in the image here. You can see the infamous Pearl of the Orient (the CCTV Tower to locals) and the rising tower of Jin Mao, which was once the most splendid and tallest structure in the country. Behind the pearl and out of view in this picture, Century Park boasts amazingly modern offices that would make anyone on Wall Street envious.

For travelers, Pudong is usually enjoyed from a distance, as they think there is little reason to venture into the business zone. Not so! There are great places to eat, drink, shop and sleep. The Grand Hyatt is located in the famous Jin Mao Tower, offering the best views of Shanghai available. You can dine at nearby 5-star establishments if you choose, or jump on the metro and be on the west bank in minutes.

Whatever your plans in Shanghai, a trip to Pudong will become an instant highlight. Whether to check out one of the many parks, or simply to give yourself a neck ache looking up at all the modern achievements of man in architecture and nature.

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