The Heat is On

Travel Tips — By Lauren Johnson on May 27, 2011 at 3:52 am

The heat is on in Shanghai, where the humidity is already starting to bring people to their knees crying for cleaner, fresher and crisper air. Still, despite the humidity and all that comes with it (mosquitoes, the easier spread of disease, etc) there are ways to combat the heat in Shanghai that will keep you cool and, more importantly, happy.

First, you can head to any of the city’s best parks. Well-maintained and full of life, these trees offer clean air, an escape from the city’s raunchy heat and smells, and most importantly–shade. You’ll find it a tad cooler in most parks because of the water features. Even the tiny Century Park on Century Boulevard near the base of the Pearl TV Tower has a pool that catches cool breezes and provides for relied in the hot summer heat. There are many great parks in the city, since Chinese people enjoy working out very early in the morning most people have at least a small park near their homes for morning tai chi. No matter where your hotel is there is a park within walking distance where you can picnic with your morning meal, or else soak in a few drops of early dew before the heat sets in. The parks are also great places early on to watch the elderly perform their morning rituals of health and mental stability and are great photography sessions.

The parks are not the only place for a chill moment. You will also find many of the bigger hotels have swimming pools and spas where you’ll get some relief from the heat without breaking the piggy bank. And if all else fails, one way to escape the heat is to get out in the wind. Located near the ocean, Shanghai can sometimes be very windy. If you get up high (or out on the Bund even) you might catch a stray breeze.

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