Relaxing Done Right in Shanghai

Five Star — By Lauren Johnson on May 30, 2011 at 6:00 am

Shanghai is a city with opulence and glamor — for the wealthy, it’s a place where you can relax in a new way, earning more for you buck than in many other places around the globe. It’s been said a million times before: in Shanghai, you can relax the right way, for less. Here’s how:

Local Massage Parlors:

These offer a chance to get high-end massages without paying hotel prices. Many of the larger brand-name massage parlors have affordable prices without compromising the integrity of the services offered. You’ll still find trained professionals (many of them qualified to work at the hotels if the opportunity arises) and even more than the hotels, you’ll find they have a bit more of a Chinese nature to them. So you’ll get a more authentic, local experience. The massage halls are clean and well-equipped, and the service can be just as noteworthy as at hotels. One stand-out in the field is the Dragongfly, a chain of massage parlors across China where expats, tourists and locals all gather to relax.

Private Cars:

Its easy to get a car and driver in Shanghai if that’s more your style than cabbing it everywhere. You can ask at your hotel if they can help arrange a driver. Even if there isn’t a driving company associated with the hotel, most hotels have a driver or someone in mind for high-end clients or picky shoppers. This isn’t something that should cost a fortune. For less then RMB600 (USD$100) you should be able to get a driver for the entire day.

Elite Drinking:

Head to any of the high-class bars along the Bund for an amazing night of drinking. Unlike many Western countries, you’ll find that the hottest, most elite, and celebrity-filled venues in China attract people of all professions and backgrounds. You’ll be able to talk with fashion designers, politicians, big business folk, and of course everyone from the financial district of Pudong. You’ll meet people from every level of society at the Bund bars, especially Bar Rouge, M on the Bund, and others in that area.

With five-star treatment, services, and facilities like this, its no wonder so many people love living in Shanghai!

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