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Shanghai with Children

Shanghai with Children May 17, 2011 | Kid Friendly | Read More
Shanghai is a great place to take your kids. On blue sky days, it can be a downright beautiful place, and the ideal location to take children to teach them about the different cultures and people of the world. There are attractions galore in the city to keep your kids entertained and excited about their...

Missing Wildlife? Where to See Animals in Shanghai

Missing Wildlife? Where to See Animals in Shanghai December 13, 2010 | Kid Friendly | Read More
China’s largest city has made room for animals! Don’t fear, just because you are surrounded by people doesn’t mean there are not refuges for animals throughout the city. Here we explain when, where and how to see wildlife and captive animals and sea life in Shanghai! These kid-friendly...

Shanghai with Kids

Shanghai with Kids May 19, 2010 | Kid Friendly | Read More
Despite its reputation as the fashion and financial capital of China, Shanghai has a lot to offer visiting children. From fun frolics in some of Shanghai’s great parks, so entertainment at the various wildlife activities in the city. Several restaurants in Shanghai are extremely child-friendly,...