Old Italian Charm at the Campo Regio Relais

Hotels — By Zanni Davis on September 2, 2010 at 4:53 pm

Siena’s old world charm is best enjoyed in one of its beautiful antique hotels. The locations of most of the hotels are rather inconvenient, or they skimp on the amenities. For a hotel with both the amenities and great location, stay at the Campo Regio Relais. Set in a charming, antique Italian building on the historic Via Della Sapienza, this hotel is mere minutes away from the University of Siena, Academy of the Intronati, and other important monuments. Right next door to the Campo Regio Relais is Siena’s Town Library, which houses medieval-era tomes that used to be in the Intronati.

Image: Richard Fritzson

The only downside of the hotel is its size – due to its fantastic location and setting, there are only six rooms. Thus, finding availability is often hard. However, this also means that each room is immaculately furnished and each guest well-tended to. The four standard rooms, or sapienzas, come equipped with all the regular amenities as well as a great view of the Via Della Sapienza below. No expenses have been spared to make this a comfortable, modern accommodation. The two suites, or camporegios, include an additional living area with sofa bed and a private terrace. History buffs will be pleased to find antiques from the 18th and 19th centuries littered around the suites.

The hotel offers a world-class complimentary breakfast served on a terrace overlooking Siena. Here you can be sure to taste the wonders of an Italian breakfast, and there is also food from around the continent. The service is truly spectacular as the staff is always friendly and works hard to meet your every need. Given the size of the hotel, you can be sure to always have the utmost attention paid to you and yours. Privacy is an important part of the experience at the Campo Regio Relais – although the hotel is centrally located, it is also tucked away on a residential street away from the tourist hordes and bars.