Friday Photo: Pelicans at Jurong Bird Park

Photo Friday — By mariannerogerson on June 18, 2010 at 3:27 am

The Jurong Bird Park is one of the best days out to be had for the family in Singapore. This beautifully presented 20 hectare park houses to over 8,000 birds belonging to more than 600 species, and its huge range of exhibits and aviaries means hours and hours of fun.

A programme of feeding times throughout the day gives you the chance to catch most of the inhabitants having their lunch at one time or another. While Penguin feeding time is generally the highlight of most visits, the Pelicans should also be at the top of your list.

Pelican Cove is home to all seven of the world’s species of pelican, and feeding time here is something of a frenzy as they all scramble towards the feeding platform, wings outstretched and mouths open wide on their character-filled faces. Stand close enough and you might also get a chance to toss in a fish or two.

Pelican ‘ChitChat’ takes place at 2pm daily.

"Jurong Bird Park"

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