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Singapore’s premier international contemporary arts exhibition, Singapore Biennale 2011 (SB2011) returns this week. Featuring over 150 works by 63 artists from 30 countries, the third Singapore Biennale, is titled Open House and runs from 13th March – 15th May.

Artists from around the world will join Singaporean and Southeast Asian artists to create exciting site-specific and cutting-edge works as they explore the sites and culture of Singapore. With an expected turnout of more than 500,000 people, SB2011 is slated to be a significant milestone event in the history of Singapore’s contemporary arts development.

SB2011’s Open House theme will attempt to explore the artistic process of creating art, and how these processes relate to the daily transactions that take place between people. Thus there will be a focus on every day activities, such as working, commuting, shopping, and eating and the urban spaces in which they take place in Singapore. With this focus on real spaces and people, visitors can enjoy artworks based on the following:

Housing Development Board flats at the Singapore Art Museum and SAM at 8Q
home to the great majority of Singaporeans, each gallery space will invite Biennale visitors to enter another person’s world, opening the door onto private obsessions, secret knowledge, personal histories and intimate experiences.

"Singapore Biennale"

Ise (Roslisham Ismail), Secret Affair, (work in progress), 2010 – 2011, food installation, © the artist

Shopping centres and night markets at the National Museum of Singapore – these works will consider the transactions and transformations that take place within the city, from urban development and its ecological impacts, to the pleasure and pain of window-shopping.

International air and sea ports at the Old Kallang Airport – these works will respond to ideas of movement from one place or state to another – across borders or thresholds, or between cultures, with such exchanges offering new perspectives and understandings. 
Singapore Biennale

Elmgreen and Dragset Prada Marfa, 2005, permanent installation in Marfa, Texas, 760 x 470 x 480 cm, photo: James Evans, courtesy of Art Production Fund, York; Ballroom Marfa, and Marfa, and © the artist

Other major art works around Marina Bay will portray individual experiences in the city. These will include The Merlion Hotel by Tatzu Nishi and a large scale installation by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Using smart phone technology, visitors to this installation will be able to modulate a series of robotic searchlights that form a canopy of lightbeams over the bay by using only the power of their own voice.

"Singapore Biennale"

Rafael Lozano- Hemmer, Open Air: Relational Architecture 18 (artist’s rendering), 2011, robotic searchlights, radio transmitter, smart phones, © the artist

Opening hours – 10am – 7pm daily (last admission at 6:15pm)
Admission – Adult $10, Student/Senior citizen $ 5

Visit the Singapore Biennale website for more information.

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