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Five Cool Hotel Swimming Pools in Singapore

Five Cool Hotel Swimming Pools in Singapore February 24, 2012 | Hotels | Read More
One of the luxuries of staying in a fabulous hotel in the tropics is spending a leisurely few hours chilling by the pool. If this sounds like your idea of holiday bliss, then check out our roundup of five of the best hotel swimming pools in Singapore: Marina Bay Sands The rooftop pool on the 57th floor...

Cool Hotel Bars in Singapore

Cool Hotel Bars in Singapore January 16, 2012 | Hotels, Nightlife | Read More
In many hotels across the world, the hotel bar is somewhere to grab a quick drink while waiting for friends or perhaps down a quick nightcap before heading to bed. They often have the reputation for being soulless and expensive, and would not be at the top of your list for places to head for a fun and...

Business Hotels in Singapore

Business Hotels in Singapore April 15, 2011 | Hotels | Read More
Working away from home can be inconvenient enough, without the hassle of bedding down in an unsuitable hotel. This is the time when reliable internet connectivity, a good laundry service and a decent sized desk are more important to you than chocolates on the pillow, or an extensive spa menu. If you’re...

The Merlion Hotel

The Merlion Hotel March 4, 2011 | Hotels, What's New | Read More
If you’ve wandered down to Merlion Park lately, you may have noticed that our beloved Singapore icon is boarded up, and no longer posing spewing water into the harbour for camera-wielding tourists. The reason for this is that the Merlion is currently being transformed into a temporary hotel room, as...

Best Cheap Hotels in Singapore

Best Cheap Hotels in Singapore January 14, 2011 | Hotels | Read More
Yes, the majority of accommodation in Singapore may be ritzy, glitzy five-star hotels but if you’re visiting town on a budget, fear not because it is possible to find somewhere to lay your head in Singapore without breaking the bank. Little India is the number one location of choice for backpackers...

Three Top Singapore Hotels

Three Top Singapore Hotels October 13, 2010 | Hotels | Read More
You’ll never be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a good hotel in Singapore – it has it all, from quirky boutique numbers to same-old chain favourites… and of course swanky, shimmery five star uber-luxury establishments. If money’s no object and you’re looking to really...

Top Five Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Top Five Boutique Hotels in Singapore September 29, 2010 | Hotels, Travel Tips | Read More
It’s all about brands in Singapore – there’s a Louis Vuitton in every mall worth visiting, and if you don’t have a label on your handbag… well don’t even think about leaving the house! It’s no surprise then that Singapore plays host to all the big players in the hotel industry, all boasting...
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