8 Tuff Miles expected to cause traffic havoc on St. John on Saturday

Events — By kelowitt on February 23, 2011 at 1:30 am

If you’re planning to head to St. John on Saturday February 26 for some fun in the sun, be aware that your mobility will be somewhat limited by 8 Tuff Miles, the biggest running race of the year.

About 1,000 runners will be pounding the 8.38 miles of pavement on Centerline Road between the V.I. National Park Ballfield in Cruz Bay and the Coral Bay Ballfield.

The race starts at 7:15 am and ends about three hours later. So if you’re staying on St. Thomas but planning to spend the day in St. John and you don’t feel like watching the race (or getting caught up in the crowds) then plan to take a ferry after 7am, when most of the racers will already have gone over.

On the other hand, if you want to watch the race, get there before the start of the race and stake out a spot along the race route. Easiest places to watch would be walking distance from the starting line or finish line.

Most of the action will have died down in Cruz Bay by 8am, but then it will start up again around 3:30 pm when the awards will be given out at Mongoose Junction.

If you’re bringing a car over (or renting one on the island), don’t expect to find parking around Cruz Bay for most of the day. Better idea would be to take the ferry over if you’re planning to just hang around in Cruz Bay. But you shouldn’t have trouble parkingĀ  if you plan to go to one of the beaches around the island, since most are well away from the race route.

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