Booze and Tobacco: Cheap, Cheaper, and Cheapest

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Shopping is possibly the most popular pastime for cruise ship visitors to St. Thomas, but it’s not always easy to know where to get the best deals on the goods.

Rum and cigarettes may not be the healthiest souvenirs, but they are among the favorite duty-free items you can buy here.

The shops at Havensight (adjacent to the West Indian Company dock) stock plenty of booze and cigs at a decent price, but you can get them for a dollar or two cheaper if you venture a short way off the beaten path.

The Pueblo supermarket, at the intersection where Havensight turns into Yacht Haven Grande, is one option that “in-the-know” tourists head to, while the K-Mart up the street is often packed with cruise ship employees stocking up during their shore leave.

If you are really adventurous and want an even bigger bargain, hop on a dollar taxi and get off at Market Square East (it’s about a mile from Havensight, up and over Raphune Hill). The Cost-U-Less warehouse store has Marlboros for about $20 per carton, and rum for $8.99 per bottle. This compares with $23 and $12.99 for the same products at the shops around Havensight. Not a huge savings, but it adds up if you plan to buy a lot!

If you’re coming in to the Crown bay dock, there is also a Pueblo supermarket a short walk from there. Just follow the signs to town, and in about 5 minutes you’ll see the big green building at the intersection with the main road to Charlotte Amalie.

Note: if you do plan to really stock up, bring a small rolling carry-on suitcase with you, to make it easier to tote your purchases back to the ship.

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