Doing Your Research Before You Go

Travel Tips — By kelowitt on April 1, 2011 at 5:28 pm

To get a fuller picture of what to do, where to go, and what it’s like in St. Thomas, it helps to do some research before you travel.

Of course Nile Guide is the best source for information on restaurants, hotels and suggested sightseeing itineraries, but if you want different types of information — such as what’s going on in the news, weather forecasts, or the current cost of a taxi — there are some other sites you should visit.

VI Now is a comprehensive resource guide to the Virgin Islands that offers everything a visitor could possibly need including a complete beach guide, coupons, ferry schedules, taxi prices, an events calendar, and information on the history and culture of the island. The photo gallery and message boards are also hugely popular, and helpful.

Local newspapers such as The Source and The Daily News can give you a picture of what day-to-day life is like on the island, from festivals, to traffic jams, to issues being debated in the Senate. Reading the news can put you touch with what’s happening to regular folks who live on St. Thomas, and make you feel more connected once you get here.

St. Thomas Blog is a good source for restaurant reviews, funny observations about life on the island, and it also offers a forum for readers to ask questions about where to go and what to do on the island. It is written by a local resident who relocated from the mainland a few years back, so he has the benefit of perspective.

And don’t forget to check the weather before you go! can give you 1, 3, or 10-day forecasts to help you plan your wardrobe before you arrive. Tip: the weather here is pretty much always hot and humid, but some days are more rainy than others. And it’s good to know if a hurricane is forecast, so you can change your plans ASAP!

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