It’s Raining – Now What????

Things to Do — By kelowitt on May 17, 2011 at 8:27 pm

It’s been non-stop rain on St. Thomas for the better part of a week, with more forecast in the next few days.

Despite St. Thomas being a sun-and-sand destination for most travelers, there are still plenty of things to do even when the weather is not cooperating. Here are some ideas:

1) Go to Coral World. This ocean park and aquarium has plenty to see and do that does not require the sun to make it complete. There’s the shark tank, a sea lion show, feeding the sting rays, and more.

2) Shop!! There’s tons of duty-free shopping in downtown Charlotte Amalie and Havensight, with bargains to be had on items ranging from jewelry to electronics to cosmetics to liquor. So put on your rain hat, bring an extra bag or two, and get going. You won’t even notice that the sun’s not out.

3) Eat!!! St. Thomas is famous for its many gourmet restaurants, and as long as you don’t sit out on the patio, the bad weather won’t affect you. Some favorites include Buddha Sushi, Bella Blu, Amalia CafĂ©, and Pesce.

4) Drink!!! There are about 100 bars on the island, so you can pretty much while an afternoon away sampling the favorite local drinks: the Bailey’s Bushwhacker, the Banana Daiquiri, and the Painkiller. Just don’t drink too much or you may not get back to your cruise ship in time. Popular bars include Duffy’s Love Shack, Fat Turtle, Shipwreck Tavern, and the Greenhouse.

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