Top 10 Things to Do in Taipei

Food, Things to Do — By Lydia on October 9, 2011 at 10:59 am

With a city as big as Taipei, visitors are faced with a mind boggling array of things to do to occupy their time. If you’re planning a trip to Taiwan’s capital, make sure to include these 10 destinations or experiences to make sure you have the complete Taipei experience.

Taipei, TaiwanPhoto courtesy of Robby Tendean/Flickr

1. Taipei 101

Hop on the world’s fastest elevator to the top of the world’s second largest building for an overview of Taipei’s history and a brilliant panoramic view.

2. Shilin Night Market

After the sun goes down, don’t miss a trip to Taipei’s famous Shilin night market for a taste of the local street food and some cheap shopping.

3. Hot Springs

Taiwan has some of the best natural hot springs out there, so it would be a shame to miss a nice soak in the sulfurous waters. Head over to Beitou for the hot springs experience right in Taipei.

4. National Palace Museum

Museum and history buffs won’t want to miss the massive collection of artwork, relics and memorabilia housed at the National Palace Museum.

5. Elephant Mountain

The Elephant Mountain hiking trail located on the outskirts of the city leads visitors to Taipei’s second best view. If you go in the evening, you can see the Taipei 101 silhouetted in the setting sun.

6. Din Tai Fung

The juicy pork dumplings and steamed buns served up at Din Tai Fung have placed it on the world food map as one of the best. Make sure to stop in at one of the many locations for some local Taiwanese specialties.

7. Maokong Gondola

A ride on the newly refurbished Maokong Gondola takes you to the top of a nearby mountain where you can hike the trails, visit temples and learn about Taiwanese tea at the Maokong tea plantations.

8. Longshan Temple

Longshan temple, or “Dragon Mountain” temple, is a living, breathing example of traditional Taiwanese religious practices. Take in the Qing dynasty architecture or browse the wares of the nearby traditional Chinese medicine vendors.

9. Cooking Classes

Spend an afternoon at Jodie’s Kitchen and you’ll go home with the expertise to impress your friends back home with yummy Taiwanese favorites. After you make your dinner, you can dine on the patio with a nice view of the surrounding mountains.

10. Shop ‘Til You Drop

The joy of shopping in Taipei is that there isn’t one particular place to do it. The entire city offers world class shopping experiences, from the high end boutiques in the Taipei 101 Mall to the cheap wares of the many night markets.

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