Taipei’s Top Five Burger Joints

Food — By Lydia on February 26, 2012 at 8:41 am

Burgers are more than just the ultimate American comfort food, they’re an art form and a means of culinary expression. No two burgers are exactly the same (except for maybe McDonalds), and Taipei‘s growing assortment of burger joints gives visitors the perfect place to hunt for their perfect burger.

burger and fries from 1885 Burger Stop in Taipei, TaiwanPhoto courtesy of 林冠昇/Flickr

1885 Burger Store

The kitschy American decor, blackboard specials, and topping options make 1885 Burger Store one of the best in town. The meat is peppery and flavorful, and each burger comes heaped with toppings. Good options include the blue cheese burger and the BBQ pineapple cheeseburger. Order the daily special to get fries and a bottomless drink free of charge.

Bravo Burger

Bravo Burger, considered by many an expat to be the best in Taipei, is home of the Jumbo Cheeseburger, a monstrosity on a bun. It may well be the only burger joint in Taipei where you need reservations to get a table, and for good reason. The chefs cook the thick, juicy, and well-seasoned patties on the medium side, and topping choices are plentiful. The beverage menu is just as excitement-inducing as the food, with difficult-to-find beverages like Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and A&W Root Beer flowing.

American Grill in Taiwan

The American Grill in Taiwan isn’t even in Taipei (it’s in nearby Hsinchu), but the burgers are worth the trip up. The gigantic flame-grilled burgers are some of the favorites with Taipei’s expats, and the owner recently added burgers stuffed with ham and blue cheese or mushrooms, onions, and provolone.

California Grill

All-American beef, beer (including root beer), and crispy onion rings are a few of the draws of Taipei’s California Grill. Their signature special, the Mofo burger, comes heaped with bacon, garlic mayo, cheddar cheese, and barbecue sauce. For diners who just can’t decide, the menu includes an option of four mini-burgers, each with a different set of toppings. For the vegetarian traveler, California Grill has the best tofu burger anywhere in the city.

Kiwi Gourmet Burger

Kiwi Gourmet Burger, also known as KGB, serves the most eclectic menu of burgers and has the best variety of vegetarian burgers around. Some of the more unique offerings include the CC Heaven burger, covered in camembert cheese and cranberry sauce, and the Indonesian Satay burger. Each offering comes with beef, chicken, or a vegetarian-friendly walnut lentil patty. The bacon and Gouda cheese fries are the icing on the proverbial cake.

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  • Erin says:

    This article was just written a week or so ago and Burger Stop has been closed for quite some time now.

  • Lydia says:

    Thanks for letting me know Erin. I hadn’t been back there in quite some time either, and I’m sad to hear it’s no longer open. I’ll add in a new favorite shortly.


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