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Food — By Lydia on March 7, 2012 at 6:30 am

One of Taipei‘s biggest draws when it comes to food is the vast range of choices. Not only can you find nearly any type of cuisine imaginable, you’ll find authentic and tasty versions as well. Visitors to the city can experience the culinary richness of Asia without ever leaving the city. Here’s a guide to the best Asian restaurants Taipei has to offer.

Vietnamese soup from Yue Yan PhoPhoto courtesy of Yue Yan Pho/Facebook

Taiwanese- It would be a shame to visit Taipei without sampling some traditional Taiwanese foods, and many locals would agree than Shin Yeh is the place to do it. Steamed pork buns, sweet potato porridge, fried spring rolls, and oyster omelets are standouts at this local eatery.

Japanese- Japanese food lovers will be in heaven in Taipei with so many amazing choices, but Mitsui is probably one of the best. This upscale dining venue doesn’t even have a menu; instead, diners choose the chef’s menu of the day or simply provide a list of things they enjoy to the servers and let the chefs design a custom menu. For sushi, Niu Sushi takes the cake as one of the best in town.

Indian- Even with a half dozen options in town, Saffron is easily the best for Indian food. The couple who owns the restaurant, both from India, took over six months to plan the menu and restaurant layout before opening, and the attention to detail shines through in every bite.

Thai- Thai food is a tough nut to crack, as some prefer the sweeter Americanized versions while others like to keep things authentic. The combination of flavorful, authentic Thai food paired with an ultra-modern atmosphere sets Very Thai ahead of the pack. Come with friends in the evening to sip on cocktails and sample from the a la carte menu.

Vietnamese- There’s nothing quite like a hot bowl of pho on a cold day, but even in the hot Taipei summers Yue Yan Pho has you covered with a France-meets-Vietnam baguette sandwich stuffed with grilled chicken, pickled vegetables, and a creamy sweet sauce.

Korean- Once upon a time, Happy Korean would have easily earned the title of Best Korean food in Taipei, but since the management change a few years back, things just haven’t been the same. While it’s still tough to find a good all-around Korean restaurant, Ari Tofu House does a pretty good job of serving up a traditional Korean comfort food: spicy tofu soup, orĀ sundubu jjigae.

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