Best $5 lunch in Tel Aviv

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Around the world, $5 won’t get you much to eat, and Tel Aviv is no exception. When I began my search for the best $5 dollar lunch in Tel Aviv, I thought I had to look in some of the more questionable establishments for a cheap lunch and for $5, I wasn’t expecting to be able to eat meat. But falafel, while edible and cheap, isn’t the best lunch you can find. So there I was, toting my purple backpack, sunscreen on every inch of skin that might possibly get exposed to the Tel Aviv’s blazing sun, determined to find a better lunch for Nile Guide travelers.

Where can I find tasty, but cheap food in Tel Aviv?

Traversing Hayarkon Street for a great beach side eatery, I perused a number of menus, asked for a few samples and then I came across Suduch. It’s a kosher sandwich stand, toast really, as the Israelis call it. You choose the bread, the sauce, and the meat. They make a sandwich and put it on a grill for five minutes. It’s 25 shekels, which doesn’t include a drink, but for 8 shekels more you can have water, soda or juice. I had been looking for a seedier joint because I expected cheap food from a cheap establishment. But, here at the northern end of Tel Aviv’s string of beaches, sitting in plain view is a clean, well-managed with a friendly staff: Suduch.

Many travelers choose to eat at the hotel in which they stay, but I highly recommend eating elsewhere. First of all, hotel food is hotel food no matter where you go. It’s better than average, but far too expensive for value and taste. Secondly, go experience the city. Try something new. If you don’t want to walk too far, Suduch is a quick walk from any of the northern end fancy hotels, and even many of the 3-star hotels and hostels.

Best Lunch $5 Can Buy

There’s a place to sit right outside Suduch, but I suggest heading down to the beach and chair or not, plop down on the sand, enjoy your lunch and the breeze from the sea.

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