Internet Hot Spots in Tel Aviv

Travel Tips, What's New — By susannaleonard on July 31, 2010 at 6:46 pm

Many people travel to Tel Aviv for fun, religious enlightenment, historical curiosity or perspective broadening. Many come for business. Whatever the impetus behind your travelĀ  plans, you might be wondering…”Do they have the internet there?”

Common misconceptions about Israel are that it’s mostly sand and camels, archaeology digs, war-torn streets and 5th century Jewish tribes straight from the Torah.

On the contrary, Israel is thriving. Tel Aviv looks like L.A. with it’s international diversity, high-rise buildings and fashion-forward ideas. And if you’re worried about being out of touch with Facebook, Twitter, Farmville, Yahoo, and whatever other online gadgets you choose to employ, worry not! Tel Aviv has a large number of hotspots where you can enjoy wireless internet, sometimes even for free.

Every McDonald’s has free wireless internet, but then again, you have to be in a McDonald’s. Although they are relatively cleaner than the average American Mickey D’s, they are no more tastier and far more expensive. Buy a coke and enjoy your internet. The same goes for the few Burger Kings you are able to find. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee shops are more rare than Burger Kings, but are also providers of wireless internet.

Aroma coffee shops are the Starbucks of Israel. They are on every street corner, sometimes two per major street. If you’re eating there as well, try the health salad(Salat L’Briut). It is tasty and worth the price. The iced chocko is one of my favorite drinks. Ever. This includes alcohol.

Arcaffe, Tal Bagels Cup ‘o’ Joe, Coffee To Go and Ilan’s are plentiful and also provide free internet. There is an Arcaffe in Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv, so if you need a break from shopping, or just want to check for a cool place to eat lunch, Arcaffe is on the ground floor of the south part of the mall. There are also Wi-Fi hotspots in the Azrieli Mall.

Most four and five star hotels offer wireless, and the Atlas hotel chain offers free and unlimited wifi services in the following hotels in Tel Aviv: Basel Hotel, Tal Hotel, Melody Hotel, City Hotel, Cinema Hotel and Center Hotel in the banquet halls, restaurants, pool, bar and hotel lobby.

The Yellow chain of gas stations offer free wireless, though gas stations are not easily found in the center of Tel Aviv. If you find yourself in one of the suburbs, you’ll find yourself near a Yellow.

The port of Tel Aviv, also called the Namal, offers Wi-Fi services to anyone wishing to plop down on a boardwalk bench and connect.

Don’t feel like if you travel outside of walking distance from the center of Tel Aviv that you’ve stumbled into the great unknown. All the suburb cities are wired as well.

In the North, there are Wi-Fi hotspots in the Ramat Aviv Mall(one in Aroma, the other in Arcaffe), at Cafe Anushaka in Milano Square and also at Basel Square.

In the South, you can sit in Cafe Nina in the historical neighborhood of Neve Tzedek at Cafe Nina and enjoy Wi-Fi.

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