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Travelers to Tel Aviv can attest to the growing amount of art work lining the city walls. It’s not commissioned by the city, but rather imagined, believed and inspired into being by street artists.

Inspire Festival 9/4-9/5

An art exhibit, nee, OCCASION, lauding inspired art, has once again come to Tel Aviv. With the Inspire Festival beginning soon, the organizers had lots to do and yet, still found time to answer a local expert’s questions about the upcoming art exhibit. Before you read, take a look at this incredible artwork(click on photos) featured on Inspire Collective’s website. The Inspire Festival will be held at Comfort 13 in Florentin on September 4th & 5th from 8pm – 1am. The following is a short Q&A conducted as a preview to the fabulous festival in Florentin.

Q: Let’s get it out there, in the open: What is the greatest thing about this event?

A: This is the 1st global urban art festival in the Middle East that focuses specifically on public art.  That alone is a great thing to take part of.

Q: Why should people come to the exhibit?

A: The international public art community is always growing and consistently providing high energy visual inspirations.  To us, getting bigger means becoming better! Public art in the Middle East needs your support!  The festival celebrates inspirations of all kinds, and asks artists from around the world, “What inspires YOU?”

Q: Who are the artists behind the exhibit?

Art of Inspire Festival

A: This show will have over 70 local and international artists exhibiting, and 2 international artists, Mr. Di Maggio from Milan and JamOne from Paint by Numbers crew in the UK, who flew in to paint live at the festival.  This year, Inspire Collective and Juicebox are working together to have 2 days of inspirations from over 70 international and local public artists who’s artworks will be on display with more art, live music,live painting, video projection, air conditioning, and a bar.

Q: Who organizes Inspire Collective?

A: We’re a small group of full time public artists (for the last seven years, here in the Middle East) working with a wide variety of mediums, organizing global public art exhibitions & much more.

Inspire Festival

Q: Why did you choose to hold it in the great city of Tel Aviv?

Inspire Collective has been curating the Inspiration Art Exhibitions for a few years now, and started out in Jerusalem.  After moving to Tel Aviv in 2007, the Inspiration Art Exhibitions and the ReUse Projects we held in Tel Aviv.

(Check out past exhibitions) and the actual Inspire Art Festival website updates when events are added or changed.

Clearly, it’s one thing people should not miss when visiting Tel Aviv this weekend.

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