Tenth Year for T-Market in Tel Aviv

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Today was the start of T-Market, an outdoor clothing/accessories fair that has top designers selling last year’s designs at crazy low prices. These designs are still hot, but the prices have cooled way down. From September 2nd to September 4th, Tel Aviv designers and shops like American Apparel had a rummage sale. I wish I could say that everything was amazing and show you fantastic pictures of the event, but alas, from the moment I set out to go, my travel was fraught with catastrophe(perhaps too strong of a word choice, but follow along and you decide).

A Lot to Choose From in a Little Space

Israel’s biggest T-shirt and streetwear fair was held at the Barzilay Club. There were unique t-shirts, bags, hats, shoes, earrings, necklaces, dresses, skirts, jeans. If you could wear it, it was there and it didn’t look like something fresh out of JCPenny. It was 10 shekels to get in, a very small price to pay and nearby parking was only 15 shekels. I snagged up a free subscription to a newspaper in English and got a free book for my trouble. The book was in Hebrew, but I decided to re-gift it to my fiance(I was rewarded with a kiss).

Americal Apparel was selling things from past collections. I bought four tank tops for 80 shekels. That’s 24 dollars. There were dresses, skirts, leggings, men’s shirts, t-shirts and tanks, all for super low prices. And so what if it’s last season? American Apparel is practically timeless. I would buy the same tank tops in five years and I would have bought them five years ago.

Definitely Something for Everyone

There were designer dresses 70% off and some vendors were practically giving away jewelry. The coolest part was how the designers set up their ware. First of all, everything was very neat. At “rummage” or “big sale” events, usually everything is so mangled, it’s not worth taking the time to unhook this string from that hanger which is attached to this tag. But everything was in order and easily accessible. Secondly, the set-up was pleasing to the eye. T-shirts were color coordinated, and designer jeans were set up in a rainbow of colors on the table in front of the designer’s stand. Every designer had a sign with his or her design name so you knew who was making the clothes you were oohing and aahing(or making vomit faces at because let’s face it…designer doesn’t always mean finer).

So Many Options; What do "I" Want?

In addition, a super cool DJ was spinning fun music to shop to(American Boy, Poker Face, etc.) so you could dance a little while you perused. If your friend got tired, there was a cafe to buy iced coffees and salads, or a beer to quench your thirst. Though part of the fair was outside, it was late in the day and all shaded, so the heat didn’t feel as oppressive as usual.

So it sounds great, right? It was. You should definitely go if you’re in Tel Aviv during the T-Market Designer Clothes and Accessories Fair. So where did it all go wrong?

Be sure to follow these few guidelines so you don’t end up having mixed feelings next year about the way you spent your day at T-Market 2011.

#1. Do not drive. With the best directions, you will get lost. Tel Aviv is a big mess of streets, without concern for people who miss a turn and need to make a U-ey. Take a cab. The address is 13 Harechev.

#2. Do not park on the side of the road even if other people are parked there. You will come back two hours later to a lovely 250 shekel ticket which really makes you rethink your 80 shekel American Apparel purchase.

#3. Be sure to put the memory card in your camera if you plan to take wicked cool pictures of the event so you can post them on your blog in hopes that other travelers will want to see what it looked like instead of just hearing about how great it was(this is why there are no, and will be no pictures). (except for me posing in the tank tops, taken at a later hour) Cool pics at the T-MARKET website saved me.

#4. Take enough cash just in case you forgot that your storage bill came through the first of the month and you can only charge 19 dollars to your VISA, thus rendering you unable to buy all the great deals you see and confining you to spending the only 80 shekels you have.

#5. This is a tag along to #3. Because you spent the 80 shekels on tank tops, you have no money for dinner.

So, if you follow my rules, you will have a fantastic time. I went on the first day because I wanted to see what the designers had before everyone pawed through it all. But it might be a good idea to go back to see what’s left at the end because it will be reduced to super super low prices. They want everything to go and I have just the place….my closet!(if only I didn’t have to give the country of Israel 250 shekels for parking my car where there were lots of other cars parked too and not putting up a very clear sign that said do not park here). The eleventh year for T-Market in Tel Aviv will definitely see Shoshi, with lots of cash, exiting a cab with her fully-functioning camera to try a re-do for NileGuide readers around the world.

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  • judyinjerusalem says:

    Great post. Love those kinds of events in TA. Have you ever noticed how us Jerusalemites dress down–I have NO idea what’s in from the way people dress here!


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