Gay Friendly Tel-Aviv: Where to Stay

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Beautiful Gay Pride Flag in the Israeli Sun

Although many people think of Israel as the Holy land, which conjures visions of sand, camels, old buildings, and very religious people, Israel is as diverse as the United States, in geography, religion, people, and cuisine. Contrary to popular belief, Israel is home to one of the most exciting tourist destinations for gay men and women, Tel Aviv.

In addition to high fashion, eclectic art galleries, stunning sunsets and sleepy sidewalk cafes, Tel Aviv is also home to some of the hottest clubs worldwide, and many of those cater to the gay community. Tel Aviv is a place that encourages people to express themselves, to be free, to enjoy life, to be crazy, and to take chances. Gay or straight, it’s a phenomenal vacation destination.

Tel Aviv is home to the TLVFEST – an annual summer international LGBT Film Festival. Gays and lesbians from all over the world come every June to enjoy and show off the city’s gay spirit.

In addition to the film festival, there are beach parties, parades, dance groups, art exhibitions, theater productions and lots of friendly people.

A Good Motto for All

Whether you’re interested in being near fashion, the beach or the underground scene, there are a variety of places that, aren’t just gay-friendly, but that cater specifically to the gay traveling community. Most are flat rentals, but some are shared quarters so you can meet other gay travelers spending their vacation in Israel. The upside of staying at a flat instead of a hotel is that a traveler gets the real feel of staying in Israel and the experience feels less like a vacation and more like a break from normal life, replaced with extraordinary life.

From Gay Tel Aviv Guide

Here are five sites that will you to excellent gay accommodation choices:

My Tel Aviv

Gay Tel Aviv


Gay Stay Tel Aviv


Gay Tel Aviv Guide

As the hottest gay destination in the Tel Aviv(and, really, the only destination in the Middle East where gay sex isn’t illegal), you can’t miss this destination on your next trip. But, where you stay is more important than you think. You don’t want to spend a lot of time taking taxis to places where you want to be when you can stay in a place that is walking distance(or stumbling distance if you’re like most twenty-somethings after a night of heavy partying). You don’t want to pick the cheapest place or spend a lot of money just because the room on the internet looks nice. Most gay accommodations have the interests of the gay traveler in mind. So, before you get started on your trip, you must find the perfect place to rest your head for the few hours a day you plan on sleeping.

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