Tokyo Cheat-Sheets: 5 Sites to Enrich Your Trip

Travel Tips, What's New — By Alex Resnik on March 18, 2010 at 6:31 am

Tokyo’s local media offer a plethora of English-language information on upcoming events, local news, and insider tips.

  • Metropolis: Tokyo’s main English outlet for everything hot, hip, and hilarious. Sometimes irreverent, but always relevant, it should be a first-reference for dining, drinking, and hob-nobbing.
  • NHK: Japan’s publicly funded, government-run news and media outlet. Think BBC or PBS. Lots of domestic and international news, plus in-depth features.
  • Japan Times: The most widely read English newspaper in Japan.
  • GaijinPot: A first-stop for foreigners living in Japan. Job listings, living advice columns, and forum postings from the front lines.
  • Japan-Guide: Excellent travel advice and authoritative facts on destinations throughout Japan.