Luminato: Festival of Arts + Creativity

Events, free, Things to Do — By cwood on June 3, 2010 at 3:18 pm

Here’s the great thing about Luminato: the Festival of Arts + Creativity.  You only have to travel to one city, Toronto, in order to see art from all over the world.  Think of what you’ll save on airfare!

This year’s festival takes place from June 11-20, and describes itself as a “multi-disciplinary festival of theatre, dance, classical and contemporary music, film, literature, visual arts, design and more.”  There’s even more?  Whether you like world jazz, modern dance or just about anything else on the arts spectrum, you’ll probably find it here.

Luminato really is a little bit of everything.  Just take a look at the prices.  While there are plenty of free events, the top ticket price is $210(!).  You can be fairly confident though that you will be seeing some high-quality entertainment for that much money, as the events are carefully curated months in advance, and include such high-profile companies as the National Ballet of Canada.  But previous experience shows that the free events are just as entertaining, like the free screenings at The National Film Board of Canada or the nightly live entertainment at Yonge-Dundas Square.

The buzz in Toronto this year centres around actor John Malkovich in The Infernal Comedy: Confessions of a Serial Killer. The title really says it all, doesn’t it?  Another hot ticket is sure to be Prima Donna, the first opera from Canadian singer Rufus Wainwright.

And now, the fine print: planning.  Get a brochure (available at just about any newsstand or arts venue), or visit the Luminato web site, and plan, plan, plan.  It’s true that once Luminato starts, you’ll probably be able to wander your way into some events, but since there’s no rhyme or reason to show times or locations, why risk disappointment?  There’s even a handy-dandy Luminato itinerary application that can be downloaded to the tech device of your choice.  (My tech device of choice happens to be a pen and a dog-eared copy of the programme.)

So… is it June 11th yet?

[ Photo of Rufus Wainwright courtesy of the Luminato web site ]

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