Toronto at Sunset

What's New — By cwood on June 23, 2010 at 3:36 pm

Here is what I learned from trying to take a picture of a Toronto sunset this week:

1)      In a city of skyscrapers and 30-story condos, there is no horizon line to shoot.

2)      Thanks to the G20, it’s basically impossible to get to the top floor of a public building to find a horizon line.

3)      On an especially smoggy day, there’s really no sun to be seen at all.

That said, I did my best, and took this photo of busy downtown strip Queen Street West at 9:02 pm EST.  As you can probably tell from the scary, scary sky, there was a massive thunderstorm about 20 minutes later.

Or we could just pretend I took this pic instead.  (Which was taken by the much more talented Medmoiselle T)   Now that is a sunset!

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