Packing List – What to Bring to Toronto

Travel Tips — By cwood on July 20, 2010 at 1:59 pm

Packing.  It can be both the most fun and the most stressful part of any trip.  If you’re planning a trip to Toronto, here are a few suggestions of what to put in your suitcase.

1) Let’s start with clothes.

In summer, pack lots of tank tops and shorts.
In winter, it’s jackets, scarves, toques and boots.
In spring and fall, pack light layers and an umbrella.

I know everyone pictures the Arctic north when they think of Canada, but you won’t need a parka if you’re traveling in August.  We have wildly varying temperatures depending on the time of year, and right now we’re in the middle of a pretty humid spell.  When in doubt, check the Weather Network before you travel.

2) A sturdy coin purse.  One thing visitors often like to comment on is our “loonies and toonies.”  That would be our $1 and $2 coins.  They can weigh your pockets down for sure, but they can also be handy as the fare for the TTC (our transit system) is an even $3.

3) A reusable shopping bag.  Canada has recently instituted a 5-cent levy on plastic shopping bags in an effort to be a little more green.  If you’re planning to do a lot of shopping in Toronto (and you should, the shops are amazing!), those extra nickels will add up pretty quickly.

4) A French-English dictionary – This one’s just for fun.  Toronto is primarily English-speaking, but you’re in a country that is officially bilingual, so now’s your chance to brush up on a little français.  Street signs, restaurant menus, food packaging and tourism brochures are 50% French – so go on, try ordering your frites and crème glacée (fries and ice cream) en français.

Truly, I think the fun of traveling to Toronto is that there’s just about everything you need right here.  Forget your toothbrush or extra socks?  There’s a store within two blocks of your hotel selling both.  Even if you normally travel with something obscure, like a 1990’s troll doll or personalized martini glasses, trust me, it’s on sale here somewhere.  So, here’s a challenge.  Once you have your passport and plane ticket, a jacket and your walking shoes, leave the rest to chance and head off for a fun-filled Toronto trip!

[ Photo by mollypop ]

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