Lighthouse Park: West Vancouver’s piece of zen

Things to Do — By Natasha John on April 13, 2010 at 2:45 am

Photo by: Clayoquot

Sometimes the buzz of the city requires one to take a reprieve and venture forth into nature’s sweet arms; the air is crisp, the ground is perfectly uneven and the silence calms your soul, as you take in the lush green foliage and crashing blue water.

Lighthouse Park is a favorite trail for many Vancouverites because of its exceptional scenery and easy trails. There are also numerous nooks to stop and devour a picnic, or to to just bask in the sun.

There are a variety of trails at the park and they cater to those who are after a short walk, or a longer (slightly more challenging) hike. The shorter walks range from 15-30 minutes and the longest trail is around two hours. Dogs are also welcome at the park, so don’t hesitate to bring your four legged friend.

When you get to the edge, close to the water, take a moment to enjoy the view before you get your camera out to take pictures of perfection; snow-capped mountains, Bowen Island and sail boats are painted across your real-life canvas, and your senses will be nudged as the salty ocean air kisses your face. It’s bliss!

Lighthouse Park is located on the shores of West Vancouver, and is easy to get to by bus (the #250 from West Georgia) or car. The trails are open year-round, so even on a mild winter day, you can make the most of this lovely jaunt.

Photo by N. John

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