A bird’s eye view from The Eye of the Wind

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Photo by: grousemountainresort (flickr)

Going green, eco-friendly, seasonal, local and sustainable are all words you will see regularly on this blog, and will likely notice when you visit British Columbia. One of Vancouver’s newest things to do is visible from downtown Vancouver (on a clear day, of course) and is perched at the very top of Grouse Mountain. If you look from downtown, it looks like a giant white pole, but if you look a little closer, you can see the blades rotating. If you are far-sighted, I would suggest you skip past the part where you try to squint really hard and pick out the blades from downtown, and just head over to Grouse.

Photo by: SilentObserver

After you have made it to the top of Grouse, you have another twenty stories to go up before you can get the “Eye of the Wind”. Once inside the little James-Bond-like pod, you’re free to ah and ooh as you take in the marvelous sights of sprawling Vancouver; views of downtown, Stanley Park, English Bay and as far as your eyes can see will make a home in your visual memory bank.

This wind turbine is pretty awesome for us tourists who want a great view, but it’s even better for the environment. The blades are expected to get speeds up to 260km/h, which can then generate enough energy to fuel 25% of Grouse Mountain Resort, or 400 homes in the area. Pretty cool, huh? Over on Grouse’s website they have ten (though there are plenty more!) reasons why wind turbines are so fantastic and a few personal favorites are: it’s a one time expense to set up, there are no emissions or by-products  (hello, oil spills anyone?) and there’s no shortage of wind. By George, I think she’s got it!

During the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, NBC’s the Today Show stopped by to check out The Eye of the Wind and you can see that here.

Although the wind turbine is loud and proud, it’s a bit of a hidden gem – so get there before the line-ups start!

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