Have a very BC New Year’s Eve at home

Romantic, Things to Do — By Natasha John on December 31, 2010 at 2:30 am

With all the options to go out in the city, sometimes it’s also nice to stay in and enjoy a quiet night with friends and family in your home, or semi-equipped hotel room. You can easily prepare a spread of fantastic items that waft the sights, sounds and smells of British Columbia.

For starters, head to Granville Island and grab some oysters from the Lobster Man. They have an array of oysters from varying locations and if you don’t know much about them, the staff there are always happy to help point you in the right direction. You can follow them on Twitter: @the_LobsterMan

While you’re at Granville Island, step inside to the Public Market and make your way over to Oyama for some tasty pate, charcuterie and cheeses; the Smoked Buffalo is a personal favorite. Then, grab some crackers, fresh bread, olives and some sort of fresh dip and you’re almost there. You can’t come to BC without having any salmon and you’re almost guaranteed to find smoked salmon at just about any grocery store in Vancouver, but while you’re at Granville Island, you may as well pick some up.

For dessert, Thomas Haas is the way to go. He pretty much owns the title of dessert god in Vancouver and his name evokes indulgence, satisfaction and will make your tastebuds squeal.

Now, New Year’s Eve isn’t complete without some sort of liquid libations. For bubbles, Sumac Ridge (a BC Winery) does a nice sparkling called Stellers Jay Brut that’s fresh, crisp and the price is right. It’s usually between $27-$33, depending on which liquor store you’re going to. For a red to go with all those lovely cheeses and meats, Sandhill’s Gamay Noir is a fantastic choice and it’s full of flavor and will compliment your feast perfectly! For whites and roses, Blasted Church’s Hatfield’s Fuse, Joie’s Rose and Wild Goose’s Gewurztraminer are all nice wines that are local to BC and will be a welcome addition to your evening.


Happy travels for 2011 from the NileGuide!

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