Best Seafood in Vancouver

Food — By Natasha John on August 3, 2011 at 4:20 pm

Located right on the Pacific Ocean, there is no shortage of fresh seafood in Vancouver. Seafood often dominates the menu at many local restaurants and not only is it good for you, the Oceanwise program is making it better for the ocean and its inhabitants. If you’re out for dinner, you may see the Oceanwise symbol by the dish on the menu and that means you’re getting eco-friendly produce. If that’s something that is important to you and you would like to base your meal around that factor, check out this page and see which restaurants participate in using Oceanwise seafood.

Photo Credit: WordRidden (Flickr)

Should you have a kitchen to cook in, one of the most fun ways to eat seafood is to cook it yourself. You can go to Granville Island and pay a visit to the Lobster Man and grab some oysters, mussels, lobster or Dungeness crab to bring home and prepare your way. Inside the Public Market you will find plenty of fresh fish, as well. Or, you can go to the wharf and buy some local fish right off of the boat. It doesn’t get much more fresh than that.

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There are plenty of restaurants in Vancouver where you can find seafood and it really depends on what you feel like. For mussels, go to Chambar and indulge in the Congolaise; you will never look at mussels the same. If you have a hankering from some Omega 3s from salmon, the Salmon House in West Vancouver is a good place to start and the view is incredible. Looking to suck back some oysters? Joe Fortes, Oysters Seafood & Rawbar and Rodney’s will satisfy that craving. And, if you’re just looking for some beautifully cooked fish, Coast, Lift Bar & Grill and Cork & Fin will fill you with tasty seafood in a chic atmosphere. We can’t forget about those times when you’re craving some crispy fish and chips, and to feed that addiction Go Fish! on the Seawall by Granville Island draws a strong crowd.

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When in Rome, do as Romans do. When in Vancouver, eat seafood.

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