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The Goods on Gastown

The Goods on Gastown February 29, 2012 | Food, Nightlife | Read More
Over the years Gastown has seen a lot of change in the neighborhood. New condo buildings have changed the skyline, while old buildings have been revamped to house chic boutiques, charming cafes, bustling bars and wonderful restaurants that Vancouverites have become smitten by. Gastown at night Gastown...

Irish Pubs in Vancouver

Irish Pubs in Vancouver January 21, 2012 | Food, Nightlife | Read More
St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and it’s never too early to start planning your route around Vancouver to grab a pint and get in the spirit of the Irish. The Irish Heather brings an element of well thought interior design to the rich wood and traditional bar that are the centerpiece...

Cool Hotel Lobbies and Bars in Vancouver

Cool Hotel Lobbies and Bars in Vancouver January 12, 2012 | Food, Hotels, Nightlife, What's New | Read More
There’s a certain vibe that hotel bars and lobbies give off, even when you’re visiting one in your own city. The hospitable service, paired with a cold drink, in a stylish atmosphere is enough to make you feel like you’re on a mini-vacation for a few hours. Don’t be shy if you’re...

St. Patrick’s Day watering holes in Vancouver

St. Patrick’s Day watering holes in Vancouver March 16, 2011 | Events, Nightlife, Things to Do | Read More
Credit: Cygnus921 (Commons Wikimedia) St. Patrick’s Day is only a day away and the city is already buzzing with the sights and sounds of this very green day and that’s because Vancouver’s CelticFest coincides with St. Patrick’s Day. CelticFest brings live music and dancing to...

Be WISH’s Valentine

Be WISH’s Valentine February 10, 2011 | Nightlife, off the beaten path | Read More
Donating doesn't break hearts Whether you’re shacked up in a haze of enamor, or footloose and fancy free, Valentine’s is soon approaching and there’s no way around it. For those of us that would rather not participate in a candle lit dinner on this heart filled day, there’s...

Vancouver’s Top 5 Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s Day

Vancouver’s Top 5 Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s Day February 4, 2011 | Nightlife | Read More
Vancouver is the perfect canvas to paint a romantic day and/or night, should you be so lucky! The mighty mountains that are blanketed in white, loom closely behind the crisp Pacific waters, while beautiful beaches and sunsets sprawl across the city. Tres jolie! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching...

The Carol Ships’ Parade of Lights

The Carol Ships’ Parade of Lights November 30, 2010 | Kid Friendly, Nightlife, Things to Do | Read More
http://www.carolships.org 50 years ago, one of Vancouver’s great traditions was born and has been growing in popularity ever since. What started with one ship covered in lights, has multiplied into more than 50 boats dawning over 100,000 lights. This parade on the water gives people a chance to...

Girls Night in Vancouver

Girls Night in Vancouver July 23, 2010 | Hotels, Nightlife, Travel Tips | Read More
Stagettes, weddings, girls night and the Weekend to End Breast Cancer are taking over the summer in full force! I recently had a girls night of my own with friends from Toronto visiting and we decided to live large and make the most of our night together. First order of business, book a room at an...

Celebration of Light

Celebration of Light July 20, 2010 | Events, Kid Friendly, Nightlife, Things to Do | Read More
The first summer that I moved to Vancouver I had just graduated university and was looking for work. An opportunity to do some promo work for this firework show called the “Celebration of Light” was first on the list to fatten up my sad looking wallet. I had no idea what I was getting myself...

Mother’s Day in Vancouver

Mother’s Day in Vancouver May 9, 2010 | Events, Kid Friendly, Nightlife | Read More
An indulgent brunch, fresh flowers, a box of chocolates or a 10K run are just some of the things moms in Vancouver are enjoying today. Each April, Vancouver holds one of the largest 10K runs in the world and with 50,000 participants in the Sun Run, it’s the largest in North America! This year the...
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