Lunch at Degnan’s

What's New — By petedevine on March 14, 2012 at 12:36 am

Some people will tell you that Degnan’s Deli in Yosemite Village is the heart of the park.  During the lunch hour hundreds of people flow through and are quickly served with a salad, soup or a sandwich made to order.  It’s a place that buzzes with visitors and locals; you’re as likely to be in line with a ranger or a rockclimbing instructor as you are with visitors from Connecticut, Korea or Argentina.  

Lunchtime in Yosemite

Degnan’s has are all manner of beverages, chips, yummy desert items, and things for the trail like jerky, trail mix, energy drinks, sports bars, etc.  There are gourmet items, vegetarian food, and several kinds of good coffee.  The hefty sandwiches are a specialty, but many folks come in just for a hot chocolate in winter or a cold beer in summer. 

Right outside Degnan’s is a flotilla of picnic tables, all great for shade, for people-watching, and for eating.  There are restrooms in the building and DNC’s famed Habitat Yosemite ‘green store’ (all merchandise is recycled, sustainable, or otherwise low environmental impact).  Beware the begging ground squirrels and don’t let them get any of your food by accident or on purpose. 

Degnan’s is open 7a – 5p every day of the year.

ROAD UPDATE: Highway 120 now connects to Yosemite Valley.  Contractors lucked out with good weather and finished a serious re-build of the roadbed that was damaged in the February rockslide.  They’re still working, but you can access the Valley on 120 now, 24 hours a day.