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Hidden in Yosemite

Hidden in Yosemite February 13, 2012 | What's New | Read More
Almost every visitor to Yosemite goes to Yosemite Valley where the scenic highlights have been artfully concentrated into a few miles by the action of mountain uplift, erosion along fracture zones, river carving and glacial re-decorating.  Millions drive in and out of the Valley’s developed east...

To the Base of Yosemite Falls

To the Base of Yosemite Falls February 9, 2012 | What's New | Read More
One of the easiest, most popular walks in Yosemite is the simple stroll to the base of Lower Yosemite Falls.  If you haven’t been to the park before, this is an obvious destination for any time of year.  If you were thinking of avoiding it because it’s too easy or too crowded – or...

The romance of Yosemite

The romance of Yosemite January 31, 2012 | What's New | Read More
Valentine’s Day approaches again and our thoughts turn to romance with a special someone.   Yosemite is a marvelous place for human relationships; thousands of weddings and honeymoons happen here every year.  The landscape is uniquely grand, with Bridalveil Fall and Cathedral Spires adding to...

Lots of Yosemite News

Lots of Yosemite News January 27, 2012 | What's New | Read More
There’s always a lot going on in Yosemite.  It’s not like San Francisco “going on” but it keeps us locals and the bears hopping in our own way.  We had some snow over the weekend and it’s really changed the park to finally feel like winter.  Yosemite Falls in Snow For...

Rare Event: Tenaya Lake Iced, Reachable via Tioga Road

Rare Event:  Tenaya Lake Iced, Reachable via Tioga Road January 13, 2012 | Things to Do, What's New | Read More
Once in a lifetime!  The remarkably dry winter of 2012 in the Sierra Nevada has created unheard-of experiences for Yosemite visitors.  The high-country corridor of Tioga Road is open to vehicles later in the season than it’s ever been in history, and people can access the summertime playground...
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