Great Springtime Hikes in Zion

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Ah, springtime. Green starts popping out on the trees, flowers consider making a colorful entrance, and snow disappears from trails. Spring is a great season for hiking in Zion National Park. Some of the best spring hiking trails are available after winter loosens its grip on the area. Here are our top three favorite spring hiking trails in Zion.

1. Kolob Arch

As one of the world’s longest freestanding arch spans, Kolob Arch has a certain cachet for hikers. Found in Kolob Canyons, the high country section of Zion, it’s a great long spring hike. Its full sun exposure along the way is welcome during warm but not excessively hot spring days. Some people make this into an overnight trip, but its 14-mile round trip length can be done in one long day if you have the stamina.

Kolob Arch

photo: Alex E. Proimos/Flickr


2. Angels Landing

This very famous hike is another wonderful spring choice to to its sun exposure. Although some snow may remain in shadowed areas along the way, such as through Refrigerator Canyon, for the most part the trail should be clear depending on what month you tackle it. At only five miles in length you might think it’s an easy one, but don’t be fooled. The 1,500-foot elevation gain will quickly dissuade you of any notions that it’s easy-peasy. If heights make your knees quake, you might stop short of the top at Scout Lookout to enjoy the views. Heading all the way up is an amazing experience, however, and sure to leave you with thrilled memories.

Angels Landing

photo: Alex E. Proimos/Flickr


3. Emerald Pools

The Lower Emerald Pools, Middle Emerald Pools, and Upper Emerald Pools are popular and receive heavy usage on hot summer days as people hike up to find relief under the cottonwood trees and behind the waterfalls. But a springtime hike to any or all of the pools is a refreshing delight. The Lower pools trail is the shortest and easiest; Middle a little more difficult; and Upper the most strenuous, although not terribly so. Pack a lunch, catch a Zion shuttle bus to the trailhead, and enjoy all the new spring life exploding out on the trail as you hike up to Emerald Pools.

Emerald Pools trail

photo: sendlink/Flickr


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