Cheap Restaurants in Lima

Lima has plenty of cheap restaurants waiting for you. If you are brave, you may want to look for the neighborhood's local market and find a nice food stall, for a very cheap menu.

However, even if you are not on a tight budget, you should try one of these little hidden paradises, where not only you will find many new flavors but also new friends. You can try the "menu del día" or ask for the specialties of the house. Get ready for the experience of eating like a Peruvian!

First, in adittion to the ceviche, which is the most widely known local specialty, you need to taste the pollo a la brasa (Peruvian roasted chicken), an easy task since there are many chain restaurants spread all around the city. Two of the most known ones are Roky's and Norkys.

Other budget-friendly spots in Lima downtown are El Cordano and España, while if you move south you will find Gonzi's in San Isidro, on your way to Miraflores or Barranco.

Once in Miraflores you have more options; Bircher Benner, for vegetarian, Café Z for sandwiches or quick, delicious meals, Dove Vai for juices, sandwiches, desserts; and Antigua Bodega Dalmacia, for a more relaxed and nice ambiance and a tasty wine to go with your meal.

Barranco hides many places for eating like a king spending very little, but we suggest Juanito, for a sandwich and beer, or Canta Rana, for a ceviche.



Segundo Muelle

Malecón Cisneros


Carretera Central, Lima, Peru

Puente de los Suspiros

Paseo Chabuca Granda


Carretera Central, Lima, Peru

Segundo Muelle

Canaval Y Moreyra


Lima, Peru

Bircher Brenner

Miraflores, Peru

La Lucha


Trattoria Don Vito

Martin Dulanto

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