Passover Food for Everybody

Food Lovers — By Samya Sattar on April 6, 2009 at 1:35 pm

Passover is this Wednesday. If you are or know a Jew and are lucky enough to be invited to a Seder, you could indulge in the following:

  1. eat a hard-boiled egg
  2. chew bitter herbs
  3. slurp matzo-ball soup
  4. enjoy gefilte fish
  5. drink four cups of wine

But if you’re not Jewish, or you have no family or friends, or are simply a heathen, you can still pretend to partake in some of the activities. Let’s go over the list:

  1. Eat a hard-boiled egg. You can do better than that. Especially if you happen to be in Portland, which has the most awesome breakfast places. Go to Zell’s and eat some amazing scrambles. Ok, so it’s not a boiled egg. But it’s much tastier.
  2. Chew bitter herbs. Hmm. Let’s come back to this one.
  3. Slurp matzo-ball soup. If you don’t have a Jewish grandma to make matzo balls with her own hands, then don’t even bother with this one. Instead, find some other kind of satisfying soup. If you’re in San Francisco, go to Taiwan Restaurant and order the noodle soup with pork and mustard greens. It will fill you with warm comfort and goodness like no grandma can. And wait, mustard greens? Bitter. Very bitter. Bitter greens (greens/herbs, whatever) – check.
  4. Enjoy gefilte fish. Insead, why not enjoy some fish that actually tastes good? You cannot do better with seafood than at the Seafood Market & Restaurant in Bangkok. At this place, you walk around with a shopping cart at the market part, point at a live fish in a tank, and then go sit at the restaurant part, where they bring said fish to your table, now dead and cooked. And delicious. Very, very delicious. Take that, gefilte fish.
  5. Drink four cups of wine. Yeah!

Mazal tov.

Photo by anomalous4/Creative Commons
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  • Graham Master Flash says:

    Finally some love for hedonistic Gentiles with no friends!
    But four glasses of wine? True hedonists know that glasses are for stepping on at weddings—we drink by the bottle. I suggest going down to good ol’ Trader Joe’s to stock up on their excellent selection of $3 wine… You can get four bottles for under $15!
    It’s a Passover miracle.


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