Myth and Conspiracy in the Land of the Pharaohs

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The Great Pyramids

The Pyramids of Giza

Forget about JFK, Princess Diana and the Apollo moon landings.  Forget about 9/11, the Illuminati, and the New World Order.  And don’t even think about dragging aliens, shape-shifting reptiles, or long-dead Sumerian gods into this.  If it’s a titillating hit of myth, conspiracy and disinformation you are craving, then look no further than ancient Egypt.

The most fascinating thing about ancient Egypt is not the exquisite Egyptian temples, the mysterious Egyptian Pharaohs, or even the colourful Egyptian gods and goddesses.  The really fascinating thing is that thousands of years after the death of this ancient civilization, in an age of supposedly rational materialism, the legacy of the ancient Egyptians can still provoke so much controversy and conspiracy.

And now for the myths and conspiracies:

The most outstanding example is, of course, the Giza Pyramids.  Despite literally tons of archaeological evidence and research, it would appear we are still not really sure how the Giza Pyramids were built, why they were built, or even who built them!  Here are some of the Indiana Jones-style fringe theories put forward by the so-called “Pyramidiots”.

  1. The Giza Pyramids were not built using a deceptively simple yet sophisticated system of ramps, levers and pulleys.  These Egyptian pyramids were instead built using some sort of long-lost sound technology, that allowed the ancient Egyptians to levitate the huge blocks of stone, and float them in to place.  Whether this was achieved by groups of highly focused priests chanting at arcane frequencies, by setting up pathways of vibrating fields, or simply through the judicious use of a magic wand, remains a hotly debated topic.  My personal theory is that the ancient Egyptians were thirty-foot tall giants with multiple arms, who enjoyed playing with stone Lego. Keep reading for the rest of the myths and conspiracies!
  2. The Pyramids of Giza were not built as tombs.  If they had been, then despite the passage of more than 4000 years, every single one of them would have been found with an intact Egyptian pharaoh’s mummy inside.  Since this is not the case, the Egyptian pyramids must have served as one or more of the following:  astronomical observatories, centres of mystery cult initiation, repositories of the secrets of sacred geometry, sources of arcane energy, or perhaps guidance beacons for alien spaceships.  It has even been suggested that the Great Pyramid is actually a scale model of the Northern hemisphere, projected on to a pyramid form.  Cut your losses, Google Earth, you are way behind on this one!
  3. The Giza Pyramids were not built by Egyptians at all.  They were actually built by a long dead civilization of which no shred of archaeological evidence remains – possibly the Atlanteans.  If not them, then the Egyptian pyramids must have been built by aliens.  That a race of extra-terrestrial bricklayers would travel half way across the universe, land in the middle of a desert, and build a series of giant stone Toblerones, makes perfect intuitive sense.  The only real question here is why they then decided to bugger off.  Or did they …?
  4. The Sphinx

    The Sphinx

    Finally, no account of the mysteries of the Giza Plateau would be complete without mentioning the Great Sphinx.  Some Egyptologists claim, backed by (admittedly disputable) geological weathering evidence, that the Great Sphinx is actually thousands of years older than is conventionally believed.  More importantly, there are persistent rumours of a secret “Hall of Records” buried under the Sphinx’s front paws.  This hidden chamber may contain the secret of the ancient Egyptians’ arcane science, or a record of lost civilizations, or the Ark of the Covenant.  Given that this is archaeology we are talking about, it seems more likely to me that any such chamber would simply contain a few grains of dirty sand, and a bewildering array of broken pottery!  But then I am not privy to the occult knowledge that Edgar Cayce had, when he predicted the existence of this chamber back in the first half of the 20th Century.

I could go on listing the conspiracies and controversies surrounding ancient Egypt, but therein lies the road to madness.  The bottom line is that we will never know the truth of what happened so far back in the distant past.  The only hard facts are the presence of the stones themselves: come marvel at these mysterious ancient Egyptian monuments, and invent your own narrative.

Do you have any theories of your own?  We’d love to hear them – go ahead and leave some comments and help keep the myths and conspiracies alive!

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  • Alexi says:

    What about the possibility that the pyramids were built as a result of an ancient game, a large-scale version of tetris…played in reverse.

    Pharaoh to slave: “Put that angled block on top of the other angled block. Okay, now the slightly smaller one. Now another one. Yessss. Totally kicking Khafre’s butt.”

  • Nick says:

    Could also just be that they were digging down in to the bedrock for some reason, perhaps looking for ley lines, and didn’t know what to do with the stone they’d dug up.

    Slave to Pharaoh: “What shall we do with all this rubble, O Master?”
    Pharaoh replies: “Er, just dump it in a pile over there, out of the way. Someone will probably nick it before long anyway.”

  • Tyler says:

    That’s a cheeky switcheroo on Lexi’s comment Nick…well played!

  • Wonderwilm says:

    Your pyramid conspiracies are more plausible than half the JKF or Diana ones. 😉

  • snoc says:

    the mere fact that in our claimed advancement in civilization today we cannot recreate the pyramid. It only implies that were no match with their builders in terms of technology. I believed , they were made by aliens.

  • Giza Pyramids says:

    Pyramids and wonderful temples are the great things to enjoy in Egypt.Pyramids are mysterious and wonderful buildings.The Pyramids of Giza looks soo mysterious..Thanks for all the information.

  • Aniket says:

    The Great Pyramid is discovered as something like a Calendar besides being distance calculator between earth and other planets. The height of the Great Pyramid is 486 ft, some sort of mathematical calculation denotes that it is the exact distance between earth and the sun. There are many more such calculations. The Great Pyramid construction is a mathematical calculation far more advanced to have existed at that time.
    Also the location of the all 3 Giza Pyramids have a corelation with the Leo Constellation, the Orion belt to be specific. The Nile River is an accurate reflection or “map” of the constellations of Leo, Orion (specifically, Orion’s Belt) and the Milky Way, respectively. All this and much more is surely the work of some supreme race. Those were surely built by Aliens.It is also said that the Pyramid of Cheops contains a portal. It could also be a gateway to some other world. The Pyramids mystery is far from being solved.

  • Abdul-Karim Kanawati says:

    In regards to pyramid construction, the 3 largeest pyramids (whose names I don’t recall) were made of STONE blocks with average weight 4 tonnes, or 4000 kilograms. Mathematically, this means it took approximately 50 strong men or 15 bulls to pull the damn things singly 650 kilometers from the Aswan mountains to Giza through soft desert sand, then up a hypothetical ramp to stack them in place… without incidents! These include cartwheels sinking into soft sand, or wheel marks on these ‘imaginary’ ramps, or heavy casualities due to impossible labour conditions for both man or bull…

    The scenario is highly unlikely for men, or creatures, of our proportions. No matter how hard we try and puzzle out the building process, every theory hits a dead end when it comes to solid numbers.

    These pyramids were not built by the pharoahs, but by ‘Aad. A perished civilization which archeologists claimed to have lived in Yemen, in the Arabian peninsula. I think not.

    The ‘Aad people were giant in stature, having up to 15 meters armspan. They were allegedly killed in a fierce storm or tornado in 8 days. They are not mentioned in the Torah or Bible. Only the Quran, the holy book of Islam. Any proof of their existence is VERY bad news for jews worldwide. That’s why all skeletal remains ever found in Egypt of a height greater than 5 meters have been invariably destroyed or carefully concealed. The same applies to giant skeletons found worldwide, and they are very difficult to find on the internet or any other form of mass media as well.

    I do not possess immediate proof that they lived in Egypt, as I’m still in early stages of research. But I do know that the pharoahs themselves admit in a relatively early found unpopular text that the pyramids were built priorly by “those with armspans of a hundred men”. To people like these, building the pyramids is a lot more feasible, simple actually.

    The heiroglyphs always depict large humans with smaller ones standing close to their legs. The scale of these figures is astonishingly accurate. Ever wondered why these small humans were drawn at all?
    Because they coexisted with these giant people, as the first civilization to flourish after the huge flood of Noah. It adds up!
    Also, the ‘Aad people actually worshipped the star Sirius which is the brightest star in the Orion constellation. The constellation arrangement is almost exactly like that of the pyramids. It seems ‘Aad have more in common with Orion than the Pharoahs, who claimed to be gods themselves, and were duly worshipped in preference to other powers (except perhaps the sun god and such…)

    Curious? I urge you all to google the data I provided and seek your own answers. It will be difficult, I know, because we have all been conditioned to believe that the pyramids were built by the slaves of the Pharoahs, and all media seem to point towards this conclusion. Remember, almost all worldwide media is controlled by none other than… well, you know, jewish individuals!


    I agree with Abdul-Karim Kanawati…is it also true that they were built in 70,000 B.C. (news to most people but civilisation is much older than you believe it to be)? The Aa’d were destroyed by a ‘Scream’ sent by Allah as they were a corrupt people. Search for ‘Petra’ in Google and see the homes of the Aad’s descendants (the Thamud) built into the mountains. When the Romans tried to take over Petra, they found it empty. History has been manipulated in order to show the Qur’an as being false…but truly it is the Word of God.

    Also, what treasure do you think is under the Spinx’s paw?


    The Aad were destroyed by a savage howling wind*

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