It’s Good to Be Single in Oahu

Hawaii — By NileGuide staff on June 10, 2009 at 8:24 am

Who said Hawaii was a couple’s paradise?  I’ve been single for thirty years in Honolulu, and know from experience that single travelers have just as much (if not more) fun as honeymooning couples do.  Oahu in particular, being the most populated and having the liveliest nightlife of the state’s eight islands, is the ideal place to find romance or simply to live up the single life on the road.

Singles love to beach it by day and party by night, and Oahu has plenty of opportunities for both.  Feast your eyes on Oahu’s sexiest beach (which doubles as Oahu’s most famous surf break during the winter), the Banzai Pipeline.  There are not only babes in bikinis, but hot surfers eager to impress onlookers.  “Pipe,” for short, is only worth the trek north during the winter months, from November through February.  Other months are hit and miss, so if you miss the big surf and good-looking crowd, stick to the south side and explore the singles’ haven of Waikiki.  There are plenty of beaches and bars, namely Duke’s Restaurant and Barefoot Bar, which at sunset is completely full of barefoot travelers striking up casual conversations.

Once night falls, don your best going out attire and paint the town red.  If you’re heading out mid-week, you’ll have the best luck at the Mai Tai Bar, located on the third floor of Ala Moana Shopping Center.  Mai Tai’s is a tamed-down version of Hooters, complete with waitresses scantily clad in tight-fitting aloha “dresses” and sneakers (it sounds strange, but men insist it’s a hot look).  There are plenty of admiring men here, and where the single men are, so too are the women.

On Friday nights and weekends, head downtown to Indigo Eurasian Cuisine.  Indigo’s lychee martinis are to die for, and Friday’s happy hour make its martinis a bargain for just $5.  There are plenty of great bars and clubs right around the corner from Indigo’s on Hotel Street, and Aloha Tower is a few blocks away, too.  Last but not least: if live music is more your single speed, Pipeline Café will be the best venue for you.  Most of the mainland’s indy acts pass through this hip bar and concert hall.  Every night offers a little something different.

There are so many great places for single travelers who are looking for fun, sun, and some good old-fashioned night clubbing.  For an extended list of single hotspots, check out the Single’s Guide to Oahu.

Beach photo by Bobster855/Creative Commons
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