Best Kept Secret: Microbrew in Argentina and Chile

Argentina, Chile — By NileGuide staff on July 27, 2009 at 9:31 am

After spending some time in South America, I drank my fair share of national beers: watery-straw-colored-taste-grows-on-you-until-you-proudly-exclaim-that-it’s-your-favorite-beer kind of beers. When it’s sold by the liter, you know they mean business. However, traveling with two beer connoisseurs, I realized that while the national brand might be the one sold by the liter in the corner bar, the one whose bottle caps litter the street, and whose name is stamped on every soccer jersey – the artisan, micro brewed beer industry is still alive and kicking. It just takes a little extra effort on your part to find these exceptional beers that do not receive national media attention.

If you’re in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you should be sure to check out Buller Pub and Brewery in Recoleta or their pub location downtown for a variety of on-site brewed cerveza. If you want to really experience all they have to offer from the Honey Beer to the Dry Stout to the India Pale Ale, order a sampler and try all six! Be sure to explore the local grocery store and see what kinds of artisan brew they stock, because there are quite a few brands in Argentina. If you are really interested in microbrew, I would recommend traveling to Bariloche in Argentina or to Southern Chile where there are some excellent brews like Antares, Kuntsmann, Kross, Cossab just to name a few.

Whenever you arrive to town, ask around and you might discover a microbrewery on the outskirts of town that has a delicious raspberry beer (Cerveceria Blest in Bariloche!) or an unexpected bar that has an expansive list of locally crafted beers. But, remember to enjoy a Quilmes or other liter beer once in a while for a truly authentic national experience!

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  • Owen says:

    I can vouch for the Kuntsmann… But my favorite is Austral de Calafate.

  • Natalie says:

    Hear hear!

  • Meredith says:

    Owen, you’re right. Austral de Calafate is delicious as well, there are really quite a few good brews from the Chilean Patagonia. I just looked it up and did you know that it’s called Calafate because they use the Calafate berry to make it? Mmmm I wonder what those berries taste like outside of beer!

  • Cari says:

    Ahh Quilmes, the nostalgia is brings me!

  • Cari says:

    I went to El Calafate and ice trekked on a glacier. However, we drank whiskey on the “rocks” (glacier ice!) not Austral…

  • Owen says:

    That’s amazing. I want to try those calafate berries too. On a side note, I just found pisco at a store in St. Louis. It was Peruvian and expensive, but still pisco. I’ll have to save up to try it.


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